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General – Scripted AI vs Generative AI

Lately, you may have found it hard to browse the internet without coming across the term “Generative AI”. OpenAI’s release of ChatGPT in 2020 turned the vague sci-fi concept of generative AI into a promising reality. Now you have that power at your fingertips with Ochatbot.

Scripted AI

Scripted AI harnesses the power of scripted intent-based NLP (Natural Language Processing) AI, making it ideal for businesses in regulated industries. By leveraging predefined scripts and workflows, you can create seamless and engaging conversational experiences for your customers while still maintaining control over the AI chatbot’s responses.

Generative AI

Leveraging the power of generative and scripted AI, the Generative AI plan is ideal for businesses seeking to provide exceptional customer service experiences or drive online sales. The ability to generate personalized and relevant responses empowers your chatbot to cater to individual needs and preferences. Generative AI scans your website pages and uses that data to train the bot to answer questions based on content and information contained on your pages. Learn more about how Generative AI works

Frequently Asked Questions

Which one should I use for my business?

This depends on what type of business or industry you are in. If you need to tightly control your Ochatbot’s responses for legal reasons we suggest using Scripted AI. This ensures your bot will respond exactly how you want it to. For any other industries or businesses we recommend Generative AI which incorporates all the information throughout your website pages.

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