Careers at Ometrics

Is this you?

  • When you were in school, you came up with a different solution than the teacher.
  • You get bored if you are not learning.
  • The startup environment with unlimited potential energizes you.
  • You like to build and create things.

Ometrics is the right place for you!

We develop tools and provide consulting to increase leads, sales and customer satisfaction on websites. We have engagement and metric tools including Ochatbot, our AI chatbot that engages users in conversation to assist with ecommerce sales, and provides business leads and support.

We are currently hiring for two positions:

  • Sales Consultant to build sales and affiliates
  • Natural Language Processing Specialist (NLP) to build AI chatbots

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Sales Consultant

Compensation: Salary plus commission

The sales position uses all of your sales strengths Including:

  • following up on website leads
  • building relationships with affiliates and our online communities
  • cold calling and emailing prospects
  • assisting in sales marketing campaigns
  • noticing potential markets, customer’s needs, and competitive advantages


  • When there was an issue on the playground, you were the kid who consulted with both sides and suggested a solution where everyone thought they won.
  • Closing a deal is always satisfying but knowing you are truly helping a client’s company grow is what drives you.
  • You enjoy community and building relationships.
  • When you lose a deal, you can’t help but reflect on what went wrong and how to improve.

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Natural Language Processing Specialist

Compensation: Hourly, part time or full time

Ometrics is hiring a Natural Language Processing Specialist (NLP) to build AI chatbots for clients. No NLP experience is required. We will provide all the training needed. This is a great opportunity for a motivated and inquisitive person.


  • You enjoy word puzzles. Words and the different ways to say and spell fascinates you.
  • The games you play are more logic based like Chess or Go compared to games of chance.
  • Sometimes when working on a problem time stands still…
  • You see patterns when looking at data of user behavior and can see the user’s intention.
  • You often think from someone else’s perspective or point of view.

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