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What is Scripted NLP AI?

Unlike generative AI, which relies on massive data sets and deep machine learning to generate unique responses, scripted AI, also known as intent-based AI,  refers to AI systems that detect the intent of the person’s question and responds with a reply. A scripted AI chatbot relies on explicit programmed demands to address user input, and often only activates if the user triggers predetermined scenarios and conversational flows. These conversational flows, or scripts, are created by human engineers who anticipate various scenarios and formulate responses. The simplest form of this is a logic-based decision tree that only allows users to engage in conversation in one direction.

More complex AI systems use natural language processing (NLP)  algorithms, that allow more free-flowing conversations, though the chatbot’s responses are still programmed. Although scripted AI is less sophisticated than the current popular generative AI models making the news (ChatGPT, Bard), it is still an extremely useful and necessary model that generative AI can not provide.

At Ometrics, we utilize NLP to mimic natural conversation patterns and allow for a less cumbersome chatbot. The scripted version of our AI chatbot, Ochatbot, delivers AI technology in an easy, code-free manner, drag and drop interface. Through the use of NLP, though responses may be preprogrammed, users can ask various questions at any point of the conversation, and Ochatbot immediately switches topics with them. 

Best Use Cases for Scripted AI Chatbots

Legally-Approved Responses 

There are numerous industries where generative AI is not only inappropriate but opens businesses up to legal troubles. Those industries include but are not limited to consumables, legal services, and finance. For example, consumables cover a wide range of businesses, including food, vitamins, and CBD. A scripted AI chatbot is perfect for delivering sensitive information such as dietary restrictions, allergies, and FDA regulations. In other cases, pre-approved responses ensure that your chatbot is always answering as intended.

Lead Generation

Scripted AI chatbots are great for businesses that need simple AI chatbots that gather user information. The chatbot guides users along a set conversational path and quickly qualifies leads.

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