How to Boost Business Leads and Sales with Lead Magnets

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is a conversion rate optimization tactic or hack which provides information usually in the form of a PDF or graphic which is placed on a website in exchange for contact information. The contact information is used as a lead or email list. The key to a successful lead magnet is understanding what the visitor really wants or needs that is related to their job or personal life. Your offer must be relevant and provide value in order for the visitor to be converted. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does need to be specific. Lead magnets can be used in social and viral campaigns as well as paid advertising. Continue reading

Which Test Won? Dark Blue vs All Blue vs Light Blue

Which test won? This A/B test is a subtle color comparison between dark blue and light blue in a navigation bar. The control is variation A, and A won. Variation B had a 16% drop and variation C had a 6.4% drop in navigation clicks. In this test, the dark blue navigation bar is more noticeable than the light blue navigation bar. Contrasting colors always convert better. Dark Blue vs All Blue vs Light Blue

Which Test Won? How To vs Action Words

Which test won? In this A/B test, we compared a list of benefits that started with “how to” with a list that started with action words. Both variations use a check mark to highlight the benefits. Variation B had a 61% lift in conversions. Action words are more compelling to the user, and the user is more likely to take action when the words are active. How To vs Action Words

101 Growth Hacks: Ideas to Grow Your Business

101 Growth Hacks: Ideas to Grow Your Business

You have heard the term growth hacking or growth hackers, but what is it and who are they? Growth hacks are a set of typical and atypical strategies or experiments that promote the growth of a company. A growth hacker may be someone in marketing, or it may be a product manager or engineer with a unique expertise in building and engaging customers. Think of growth hacking as the fusion of marketing and coding where data drives the user to take action.

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