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Free AI Chatbot Course

 (Course starts in December 2020)

Sign up for our Free Video Course to learn everything you will need to know about Lead Generation and AI Chatbots! You will learn about:

  • Types of Chatbots and AI Chatbot Terminology & Theory
  • How to Build a LeadBot
  • How to Build a AI Chatbot 101
  • How to Build an eCommerce AI Chatbot
  • How to Build a Support AI Chatbot
  • How to Train Your AI
  • Advanced NLP, Intents and RegEx
  • Reporting and Gaining Insights
  • Connecting an AI Chatbot to Facebook 
  • Adding Live Chat and send to your CRM with your AI Chatbot

In the end you will learn how to build and implement chatbots in a varitey of situations.

Simply fill out the form to register and begin the course! We will email you the next section of the course every couple days to allow you to learn and absorb the information at your own pace.

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