Ochatbot® DIY Plans

At Ometrics, we understand that every business has unique needs and resources. That’s why we offer two Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) options: DIY (Do It Yourself) and Pro (We take care of it for you)

DIY AI: Empower Your Business with AI Chatbots

With our DIY option, you have the flexibility to choose between two types of AI chatbots: Scripted NLP AI or Generative AI. Both options can scale as your business grows, ensuring that your chatbot keeps up with increasing demands.

Scripted NLP AI

This plan harnesses the power of scripted intent-based NLP AI, making it ideal for businesses in regulated industries. By leveraging predefined scripts and workflows, you can create seamless and engaging conversational experiences for your customers while still maintaining control over the AI chatbot’s output.

Generative AI

Leveraging the power of generative and scripted AI, the Generative AI plan is ideal for businesses seeking to provide exceptional customer service experiences or drive online sales. The ability to generate personalized and relevant responses empowers your chatbot to cater to individual needs and preferences. 

Scripted NLP AI

Ochatbot’s scripted NLP (natural language processing) AI is an easy-to-build, intent-based program using a no-code drag-and-drop platform.


  • No hallucinations.
  • Controlled responses.
  • No data training required.
  • Cost is less than Gen AI.
  • E-commerce platform integrations.


  • Longer setup times to build preprogrammed responses
  • It can take longer to train the AI
  • Predetermined responses 

Best for

  • Businesses in regulated industries that need more control over an AI chatbot.
  • Smaller monthly DIY budgets
  • eCommerce sites

Generative AI

Ochatbot’s Generative AI uses several LLM models similar to Open AI ChatGPT in combination with Ochatbot’s Scripted NLP AI.


  • Quick setup, Ochatbot scans your site and has a document upload feature.
  • AI training produces answers to questions quickly.
  • E-commerce platform integrations.


  • Requires substantial training data. 
  • Pricing is more expensive than Scripted and can be affected by the types of conversations. 
  • Less control over conversational output.

Best for

  • Businesses seeking excellent customer service.
  • Sites with large amounts of training data, including product descriptions, FAQs, and more.
  • eCommerce sites


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Pro: Let Us Take Care of It for You

The Pro plan caters to businesses that desire a hands-off approach to AI implementation. Whether you need a fully customized solution or lack the expertise and time to build the system yourself, the Pro plan provides a hassle-free experience. Our expert team at Ometrics will custom-build and handle the AI component for you. With regular meetings and insightful reporting, we ensure that you have a deep understanding of your business and gather valuable insights to fuel its growth.

No matter which SaaS option you choose, Ochatbot is dedicated to empowering your business with state-of-the-art AI technology. Whether you prefer a DIY approach or want us to handle it for you, we are here to help you harness the power of AI to optimize efficiency, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and drive growth in your business.

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