Online Surveys

Online Website Surveys: Gain Visitor Insights

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Non-intrusive popup surveys that do not block site content are a quick way to gain website visitors insights. Ask questions that help you learn how to better market, develop new products and get a pulse on your visitors thoughts and desires. Ometrics online surveys are easy to set up. The survey on the left is a popup survey that appears from the bottom of the page. The data is collected into a report summarizing the results and showing the raw data. All data is exportable. Many of these features can also be found in the Website Feedback Tabs.


  • Trigger the survey to appear via second time to site, time on page, page position, number of pages, page targeting and more.
  • Exit Trigger shows the survey or text box when a visitor is about to leave the page. This can be used to offer a coupon or gather information. Try exit pop-ups too.
  • Three non-intrusive survey window placement options on the page
  • Asking multiple questions.
  • Answer formats include emotion icons, radio buttons, check boxes or text fields.
  • Select survey colors to work with your site.
  • Create your survey tab label text.
  • Reporting of individual submissions.
  • Reporting statistics of all submissions.
  • Exporting of data to Excel.
  • Email notification when submitted to multiple addresses.
  • A/B testing of the questions you are asking.

A/B Test Your Survey Questions

The hardest part about creating a survey is figuring out whether a question is phrased in a way that does not disturb the survey itself. Asking a question incorrectly can create results that support an incorrect conclusion and, in many cases, cause the survey not to be filled out or completed. Ometrics allows you to A/B test your survey and feedback questions, splitting the traffic 50 percent to question A and 50 percent to a similar, but differently worded, question B. The results are compared by a set goal, which can be completing the survey, arriving on a page, or purchasing a product.