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Page targeting allows you to select specific pages of your website within the tool of your choice. That can mean either including certain pages or excluding certain pages depending on what you are trying to accomplish. For example, try using it to ask a different question on your home page versus a product page versus the checkout page. You poke the user to ask if they have a question about checkout versus just prompting them on the homepage. You gain many more user insights by asking them different questions around the site.

A screenshot of Page Targeting

1. Filter which URLs show the widget: Choose which particular pages you would like included in your selection.

2. Filter which URLs exclude the widget: Choose which particular pages you would NOT like included in your selection.

3. Matches Exactly or Regular Expression: If you would like to target a specific URL, enter the full URL string here. If you would like to establish special conditions for a target, select Regular Expression and enter the expression. 

4. Launch Question: Choose which question you would like launched when your user visits the selected pages.

How To Use Page Targeting using RegEx

Using RegEx is pretty powerful and because of this it can seem pretty confusing but for most applications there are only a few things to remember. However if you would like to learn more advanced techniques visit the RegEx page. If you want to do a test but not on your site try

Here are the three most common situations:

I want to to show my pop-up only in the products directory

Included URLs   .*\/products\/.*

I want to include all options to get to the site such as http, https, www., no www

Included URLs   .**

I want to include all search terms after a ? in the URL

Included URLs   .*\/products\/ducks\.html.*

I want the pop-up to show only for a particular UTM or dynamic term

Included URLs   .*utm=google.*

Included URLs   .*ducks\.html.*

I want to show a pop-up across the site except the products section

Included URLs    .*

Exclude URLs    .*\/products\/.*


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which pages to target with certain questions?

Test it out! Try different questions with different pages to see if your user engagement increases.

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