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Ochatbot – Triggers & Events Tab

Selecting the correct time and approach you take to engage your visitors is key. The Triggers & Events Tab allows you to tweak your timing and approach to attain best practices for user engagement.

1. Desktop/Mobile Trigger Widget: Choose how you would like your desktop and mobile widget to behave when a visitor first comes to your website.

2. Desktop/Mobile Trigger: Choose when the chatbot window fully opens up when a visitor first comes to your website.

Click the “+” button to add a new conversion/event targeting option.

Ochatbot Events

Create automated conversion events to track the success of your Ochatbot™.  An example of a conversion event would be a customer completing a purchase on your ecommerce website.  

Please note: conversion events are automatically installed on your site with our Shopify and BigCommerce Apps. You do not need to enter anything below. (More ecommerce apps coming soon.)

Ochatbot Conversion Events are an advanced topic.  Please contact support if you need help.

There are two ways to record an Ochatbot conversion: either by entering a target url and the associated fields or with a manual conversion script.

3. Target URLs: When a customer visits a page that matches the “Target URL,” then a conversion will be triggered.

4. Event Name: The “event name” will be sent to Ochatbot (this will usually be “purchase”).

5. Value Selector: If the purchase total is available on the page, it may be retrieved with a “Value Selector.” For example, if your order “Thank You” page has the total price in a field with a CSS ID of “total-price,” you would enter the value selector: #total-price. (If you need to learn more about CSS selectors, visit:

6. Default Value: You may enter a default value for the conversion – if the Value Selector cannot be found for some reason (or, if your “Thank You” page does not show the order total), the Default Value will be sent with the conversion event.

7. Manual Conversion Script: **Please Note: This is an advanced topic, and you may need a developer to assist you with configuring and installing the script.** The Manual Conversion Script is a snippet of javascript code that can be placed on a web page to send a conversion to Ochatbot. Copy the manual conversion script and place it into your web page and replace “conversionValueHere” with the actual value of the conversion. How that is done will depend on your web development platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the recommended setting to trigger my Ochatbot?

It really depends! If you want to really try to engage your visitor the most then set it to trigger once then show floating button so they see it immediately. If you are using more in a support role then set it to show floating button so they engage at the point where they need help.

We Are Here to Help

Here are the different ways you can contact support:

  • When logged in, click the "Contact Support" button. Your information will be autopopulated so just type in your question or comment.
  • To create a ticket when not logged in email: [email protected]
  • Call us during business hours: Mountain Time, Colorado USA. (US) 800-700-8077.
  • If outside US: send an email to [email protected] and we will set up an meeting over Zoom.