The 2018 Completer Guide to Chatbots

Learn what you need to know about chatbots to engage your prospects and customers on your website. 

  • What Are Chatbots
  • What Are The Benefits
  • How Chatbots Work
  • Chatbot Case Studies
  • And more…

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – What is a Chatbot? Learn about chatbots and how people are using chatbots. Chapter 2 – Why Do I Need a Chatbot? Learn why chatbots are changing the business world.  Chapter 3 – How Does a Chatbot Work? Learn how chatbots work.  Chapter 4 – How to Build a Chatbot? Learn how to build a chatbot.  Chapter 5 – How Much Does it Cost to Build a Chatbot? Learn about the cost of building a chatbot.Chapter 6 – Chatbot Case Studies Learn about how these companies are using chatbots to grow their business.  Chapter 7 – Chatbot Best Use Practices Learn about the best use practices for implementing a chatbot.  Chapter 8 – Glossary of Chatbot Terms Learn all the terms surrounding chatbots.