Maximize Your Results, Choose The Right Online Survey

surveys and feedback tabs

Gathering qualitative information with online surveys before A/B testing your site is the most efficient way to find out what the core issue is. This way you are not randomly testing items but testing what affects the user the most in the decision process. Here are three of the most common ways to survey website visitors online. The type of information and the number of responses you require will determine the type of survey you would use.


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What Colors Kill Conversion Rate Optimization?

Your potential customer is waiting for you to entice them. They’ve read your marketing material, they know what you you’re selling and they’ve thought long and hard about clicking the “buy” button you have on your sales page.

You’ve done everything you could do, and now you have to convince them to pull out their credit card and purchase what you’re offering. Even though you woo them with words and benefits, could there be something holding them back? Could it be something as simple as color?

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What Conversion Experts Test First For Quick Results

Before you run off with this data, remember your first step is to build a baseline to measure against. There are a number of tools to do this, from quantitative tests such as form metrics, funnel metrics and heat maps to qualitative testing such as popup surveys and feedback tabs. Once you have built a baseline and have an understanding of where the problem is you can start A/B testing or split testing. To learn more about how to use different optimization tools download this guide.

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18 Subconscious Landing Page Conversion Triggers

CALL TO ACTION Landing page optimization is all about convincing your reader to pay attention to you and understanding what they really want. What you present to them and how you present it is critical. Here are 18 sub-conscious triggers that will increase landing page conversions and turn website visitors into loyal fans of your business.


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