Ometrics Adds User Based Mobile Pop-up Triggers

Last week we released a new pop up feature that allows desktop and mobile pop ups to be triggered by different user events. This gets around the issue of using exit popups for mobile. Since exit popups are triggered by mouse movement and there is no mouse on your phone, now you can trigger an exit popup for desktop and set triggers like page scrolling or time to trigger on mobile.

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What Can Pokémon Go Learn From Website Conversion Optimization?

Pokémon Go, the latest augmented reality game, is changing generations of kids and some adults into zombies like the Walking Dead as they wander around parks, stores, museums, churches and neighborhoods. They aren’t completely focused on their immediate surroundings but they are exploring the world… sort of.

The question is: Besides re-building the brand for Pokémon and all of its affiliated gaming revenue streams, is there more to be had? I think so…

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VWO’s New SmartStats Bayesian Statistics

In October 2015 VWO is launching its new SmartStats which runs on Bayesian statistics. This will provide better understanding on how long to run a test for conversion rate optimization. They do not get into the algorithm but discuss the benefits of being able to view the data in three perspectives (below).

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