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2018 Slack Groups for Entrepreneurs

slackWhat is Slack?

Slack is a digital workspace that allows teams and groups to communicate and collaborate on topics and projects. A team is a group of people that you work with every day who use Slack to communicate. A Slack Team is the digital space where you share information. Continue reading

What Can Pokémon Go Learn From Website Conversion Optimization?

Pokémon Go, the latest augmented reality game, is changing generations of kids and some adults into zombies like the Walking Dead as they wander around parks, stores, museums, churches and neighborhoods. They aren’t completely focused on their immediate surroundings but they are exploring the world… sort of.

The question is: Besides re-building the brand for Pokémon and all of its affiliated gaming revenue streams, is there more to be had? I think so…

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More Followers on Twitter Without Wasting Time Online


Get Twitter FollowersDoes diving into the world of social media seem overwhelming to you? It’s easy to see it that way, especially when you’re discouraged, even embarrassed, about your low-follower count. Don’t write it off altogether! Twitter can be beneficial to your business, connecting you to the customers and clients who will spread the message about your products and services.

That being said, you don’t have to spend hours on this social media platform to see real results. Here’s how to use your time, energy and know how in an effective way online.

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Get More Facebook Likes With These Three Tips

facebook likes

Businesses who use social media platforms to connect with their clients are getting ahead. It’s another opportunity to strengthen the relationship between your customers and your company.

With approximately one billion active monthly users, Facebook has become the giant arena for people to connect with their friends, family and favorite businesses. If you’re ready to put your company in front of tons of potential customers and get more likes on your business page, here’s how to do it in an efficient way.

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