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Intelligent Surveys with Chatbots

Intelligent Surveys with Chatbots

If you want to know what your customers are thinking, you have to ask them questions. But how to you get customers to respond?  Surveys are an obvious choice. But surveys are becoming passe and boring. Nobody wants to take the time to answer survey questions unless there is a huge incentive to do so. What if you could find out what customers want without making it obvious that are you collecting data? There is where surveys with chatbots have the advantage. Continue reading

How Chatbots Increase Conversion Rate and ROI

By Kelly Campbell, Agency Growth Consultant

In today’s data-fueled world, your marketing team probably has a hefty tech stack that they lean on in their daily role. With buzzwords like chatbots, machine learning, natural language processing, deep-learning, virtual assistants and AI being tossed around daily, you’ve probably wondered how these new offering can help you improve your bottom line and whether or not they’re worth adding to that stack.

What makes chatbots so special? What’s the actual application for all of these tech buzzwords? Today, we’re going to look at how you can leverage chatbots as service and sales tools to growth hack your conversions and increase your ROI. Continue reading