Increasing the sales of your e-commerce business is not a difficult task with AI chatbots. Online business owners can engage their website visitors and convert them into potential customers by building an AI-powered chatbot for sales.

You don’t have to pay for the sales team to enhance the customer journey through the conversation. Chatbots can greet customers with personalized welcome messages and increase engagement. E-commerce business owners would be able to track potential customers in the sales pipeline through conversations with sales chatbots.

Features of an E-Commerce Chatbot – Chatbot for Sales

After you choose a chatbot for your e-commerce website, you should train the sales bot in your business objective. A chatbot should ask relevant questions to the customers to make them purchase the products and services from your website.

E-commerce website owners use AI chatbots to increase B2B(Business to Business), B2C(Business to Customers), and C2C(Customers to Customers) businesses. AI chatbots can also help B2B business owners to generate leads through the conversation. 

Keep reading as we look into the ways you can increase sales by building an effective chatbot for your website.

Customer Satisfaction – Customers-Based Sales

Website visitors should leave your website with the intent of re-visiting even if they didn’t make a purchase. Customer satisfaction plays a vital role in increasing more website visitors and potential customers.

A chatbot should help the customers purchase the products by understanding their preferences through their conversation. Customer engagement with chatbots shouldn’t sound mechanical. With artificial technology, customers can receive personalized responses and recommendations. Personalized conversations with AI chatbots should provide the experience of talking with a human agent.

Easy Setup

AI-powered chatbots in e-commerce websites shouldn’t have a complex interface. If an AI chatbot is too complex to set up on the website, online business owners may be unable to customize the sales chatbot.

The AI-based, Ochatbot doesn’t have a complex interface and it is code-free. Online business owners can easily set up Ochatbot on their websites and send a personalized message to customers. This AI chatbot also does page targeting and pop up with relevant questions. 

E-commerce site owners can install the Ochatbot on their websites with one script. This AI-powered chatbot is fully customizable. E-commerce site owners can change the color and size of the chatbot to match the brand’s theme.

Lead Generation

As mentioned above, AI chatbots can increase sales in all e-commerce businesses. B2B website owners can optimize their businesses with AI chatbots and train the chatbot with lead qualifying questions. B2B site owners would be able to qualify more leads with lead qualifying questions. Qualifying leads is now an easy task with Leadbot.

Ochatbot offers a leadbot template and the conversion rate is from 5% to 15% for B2B businesses. Leadbot engages with a customer and sends the information to your sales team and customer relationship management system. Customers will be able to understand business objectives and services through interacting with LeadBots. 

Leadbot templates generate more leads easily and reduce support ticket costs. Customers can schedule the meetings through the conversation and the lead qualification process becomes a piece of cake for online businesses.

Sales Conversions: AI Chatbots for Sales in E-Commerce

E-commerce websites benefit more in the sales process with the AI chatbots’ automated customer support. AI chatbots can exponentially reduce the support ticket costs and enhance the sales process with Artificial Intelligence technology behind them. A good customer experience is one of the benefits of setting up chatbots on your website. Because of this, the online business sales process will soon become automated with AI chatbots.

Chatbot pop-ups invite new customers to websites and help them purchase products through upselling and cross-sell strategies. Sales chatbots reduce the sales cycle and engage with the customers like real-life sales reps. Chatbots generate leads and engage customers through fast response and online business owners will likely witness their sales conversions rise.

Sales Funnel – Sales Chatbot Support

Online business owners can use chatbots to optimize their websites in every stage of the sales funnel. Sales chatbots can understand customers’ preferences through conversation and develop products based on their choices. Chatbots reduce the additional tasks of online business owners, such as creating a traditional marketing funnel. A conventional sales funnel analyzes the decision process of a customer and entices them to purchase the products.

The artificial technology behind the chatbot predicts customers’ inquiries and answer their questions rapidly. E-commerce site owners have used sales funnel to implement different marketing strategies through multiple channels and increase sales. AI chatbots perform all these tasks and tirelessly answer questions to help you grow your business.

Answering Questions – Sales Chatbots Never Sleep!

If you are employing human agents to answer every question of your customer, it is hard for them to answer repetitive questions tirelessly. A sales chatbot can converse with customers 24/7 and identify customer behavior patterns rapidly during the conversations.

AI-powered chatbots help the business collect data from the conversation. Through this data, sales chatbots can send personalized suggestions and recommendations to e-commerce site owners. Online business owners don’t have to employ a sales team to answer questions and recommend products. 

Ochatbot gives product descriptions within the chat window and connects one question to another question to answer effectively. Online business owners can customize Leadbot and generate high-quality leads with good lead qualifying questions.

HITL and Machine Learning Technology for Customer Support

AI chatbots reduce human errors in conversations and respond to the customers like sales reps in a physical store. Online business owners should also regularly update chatbots with proper information.

Machine learning chatbots can learn the wrong information and respond with rude comments if there is no constant human intervention. Human-in-the-loop is an advanced technology that reduces machine errors during conversations. Online business owners will be able to increase engagement without errors and generate more leads/customers with HITL.

Natural Language Processing and Sentiment Analysis in Conversation – Enhancing Customer Experience

Natural language processing in chatbots can understand multiple languages and converse with them. NLP allows the chatbots to answer questions from customers appropriately without giving irrelevant answers.

As mentioned above, with natural language processing technology and sentiment analysis, chatbots can understand the questions of a customer. NLP makes chatbots smarter when asking questions to customers and this is how chatbots qualify leads in B2B. 

Imagine increasing the leads and customer visitation to your website with chatbots instead of spending more money on support tickets and a sales team.

Third-Party Live Chat

Online business owners can now add Ochatbot to their websites so that customers can chat with the bot and be directed to a third-party live chat if needed. Ochatbot is a built-in third-party live chat that you can buy. These AI chatbots come in basic, plus, and pro versions.

E-commerce site owners don’t have to worry about chatbot misinterpretation and inappropriate communication with the customers. There are always human agents in the loop to understand the questions of customers and rectify chatbots to respond appropriately.

Final Word

AI chatbots are similar to the sales reps in a physical store and a B2B. They perform all administrative tasks from greeting customers to scheduling meetings. Online business owners can enhance the customer experience and witness increased sales and revenue.

If you can reduce support ticket costs, invite more customers to your website, and track your customer journey through their conversations with AI chatbots, why not get it immediately? Buy an AI chatbot for your e-commerce site and build a customer-centric business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the sales strategy for a sales chatbot?

An online business owner should first understand their customers and introduce their business objective during chatbots’ conversations. E-commerce site owners should build AI chatbots with key intents to perform various significant tasks, like reducing cart abandonment and site-browsing abandonment.

How do sales bots differ from other chatbots?

Chatbots, like rule-based or flow chatbots, follow scripted rules and give branch-like questions to the customers. If a customer asks questions that differ from the scripted ones, rule-based chatbots give a mechanical response. Sales bots with Artificial Intelligence can tackle every question of a customer and encourage them to buy products.

How do chatbots make money?

Using AI chatbots for lead generation, digital marketing, and e-commerce can increase customer engagement through interactive questions and generate more revenue for your business.