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2019 Chatbot Platform Comparison Reviews


Chatbots are being used by businesses to drive more sales and improve customer support. We complied a chatbot platform comparison and reviews list to show the wide variety of prices and capabilities in the chatbot marketplace. This list is not static and it will be updated regularly.  Continue reading

How Do Colors Affect Your Website Conversions?

Web Design and Its Use of Color Psychology

There is a sub-field of psychology called color psychology, and it focuses on studying how colors affect human behavior. The premise here is that colors have certain emotions, attitudes, and values associated with them, and it is these associations that are exploited to the hilt by marketers and designers—web designers included—to elicit specific reactions from their audience. Continue reading

Conversion Rate Optimization and Chatbots

In our 24/7 driven world, people expect information and help to be available on demand, especially with brand-focused companies that sell to consumers. Chatbots answer the call for this demand. Chatbots have become very useful in many ways. They help customers find information, research brands, products and services, and assist with making purchases. The cherry on top is this fact – chatbots improve conversion rates. Continue reading

Which Test Won? Comparing CTA Buttons

Which test won? In this A/B test, we compared one Call to Action (CTA) button with three CTA buttons using different targets for an online retailer. Variation B won with a 120% lift. The reason that Variation B won is because the user was presented with a more specific set of options to meet their needs.  Continue reading