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How to Engage With Your Prospect (Chapter 5)

The 2017 Conversion Rate Optimization Guide

Chapter 5

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How to engage with your prospect and not chase them away

When to engage with a prospect and what to ask is the key to any sale. Asking for the sale too early in the decision process will seem pushy. Not asking will reduce conversions to only those who really want your product or service. This section will discuss a typical sales process and when to engage with the website visitor. Continue reading

7 Secrets to High Converting Pop-Ups

Are you thinking about utilizing a website popup for a website landing page?
Are you concerned the risk outweighs the reward?

You are not alone in your worry. The truth is, pop-ups can be very effective, especially if you use them well and implement the very best practices. Companies are seeing as high as a 40% drop in bounce rates with conversion rates of 10% to 50% when using a popup correctly.

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Ometrics Adds User Based Mobile Pop-up Triggers

Last week we released a new pop up feature that allows desktop and mobile pop ups to be triggered by different user events. This gets around the issue of using exit popups for mobile. Since exit popups are triggered by mouse movement and there is no mouse on your phone, now you can trigger an exit popup for desktop and set triggers like page scrolling or time to trigger on mobile.

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