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Which Test Won? How To vs Action Words

Which test won? In this A/B test, we compared a list of benefits that started with “how to” with a list that started with action words. Both variations use a check mark to highlight the benefits. Variation B had a 61% lift in conversions. Action words are more compelling to the user, and the user is more likely to take action when the words are active.

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2018 Slack Groups for Entrepreneurs

slackWhat is Slack?

Slack is a digital workspace that allows teams and groups to communicate and collaborate on topics and projects. A team is a group of people that you work with every day who use Slack to communicate. A Slack Team is the digital space where you share information. Continue reading

CRO Hacks (Chapter 15)

The 2018 Conversion Rate Optimization Guide

Chapter 15

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The following are conversion rate optimization hacks, which are tests results I post on the Ometrics blog and socially on Twitter under #CROHacks and on Instagram @ometricsllc. More can be found at Although these hacks are from real tests, it is important that you run a test yourself. It is not uncommon for an A/B test to change results even in the same industry. This is due to many factors, especially the targeted audience and ad.

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