Quick AI Chatbot tips in less than a minute about building an AI chatbot. This tip has to do with the initial engagment and making sure they understand they are talking to an AI Chatbot not live chat. Learn more by taking our Free AI Chatbot Course .

Hi, I’m Greg Ahern, founder of Ometrics and Ochatbot. This is a series of quick tips on how to build a chatbot. I’m trying to keep these under a minute, so I’ll go quick.

Here’s the first tip, when you’re building a chatbot, have the bot let the user know that they’re a chatbot, not a live chat system. This is important because people have different expectations when they’re talking to a live person than an AI chatbot.

Over 60 percent of people prefer to talk to a chatbot rather than a live person. Part of this has to do with not feeling like they’re going to get sold to. Another part could be they feel like the conversation is more confidential.

In any case, set those expectations, let them know that the bot is a chatbot not a live person. If you’d like to build a chatbot, sign up for our free chatbot and build one. For those of you who want to learn more, sign up for our free chatbot course. If you’re interested in CRO hacks or other growth hacks, join us on our slack channel.

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