How to Get More Website Visitors Naturally

The more website visitors you can get to visit your website, the chances of your sales increasing go up substantially. Anyone can pay for ads on search engines to increase traffic, but for small businesses on a budget you should try to focus on natural search engine optimization (SEO).  Here are a few ways to boost SEO and get more website visitors naturally. Continue reading

Conversion Rate Optimization and Chatbots

In our 24/7 driven world, people expect information and help to be available on demand, especially with brand-focused companies that sell to consumers. Chatbots answer the call for this demand. Chatbots have become very useful in many ways. They help customers find information, research brands, products and services, and assist with making purchases. The cherry on top is this fact – chatbots improve conversion rates. Continue reading

The Complete Guide to Chatbots

The 2019 Complete Guide to Chatbots

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Imagine walking into a store and an employee coming up to you and asking this series of questions: 

  • May I help you?…
  • Yes, we have those products. Is this for indoors or outdoors?…
  • Let me show you the three options we have for you.

Just like a human assistant in a retail store, a chatbot expedites the customer’s journey and sales process on your website.

Your chatbot can ask specific questions to inquire about your website visitor’s needs or issues, then respond with the best product options or customer care solution. This turns your site from a list of static pages to a dynamic user experience.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – What is a Chatbot?
Learn about chatbots and how people are using chatbots. Continue reading