Last week we released a new pop up feature that allows desktop and mobile pop ups to be triggered by different user events. This gets around the issue of using exit popups for mobile. Since exit popups are triggered by mouse movement and there is no mouse on your phone, now you can trigger an exit popup for desktop and set triggers like page scrolling or time to trigger on mobile.

Another common issue is the design of a popup on desktop often does not work for mobile. To solve this issue, the mobile design is created separately and is optimized for fast download. For example, not only is the presentation size different, but you can set a simpler form with a couple fields for mobile and a longer form for desktop.

Finally, we have added a number of new adjustable triggers that allow you to control pop-ups and surveys to fit your marketing campaign. For example, you can now trigger popups:

  • When the popup will appear again. For example, 30 days.
  • How many pages a user must view before the pop-up or survey triggers
  • How long they must be on a page in seconds
  • The number of times a pop up will show in a time period

These new features allow you to customize your pop-up to show at the right time for the user on different devices.

Greg Ahern
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