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Which Test Won? How To vs Action Words

Which test won? In this A/B test, we compared a list of benefits that started with “how to” with a list that started with action words. Both variations use a check mark to highlight the benefits. Variation B had a 61% lift in conversions. Action words are more compelling to the user, and the user is more likely to take action when the words are active.

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Lift Conversions With Pricing Psychology

The Psychology of Pricing and Purchasing Decisions

The pricing page is the second most popular page on a site. How you price a product or give a discount in an eCommerce site can make all the difference in a sale.  The topic of pricing is a challenging and sometimes confusing hurdle for any company. There are many factors to consider, and one of the most important is the psychology of pricing. Let’s look at some the psychological factors that determine how people make purchasing decisions. Continue reading