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Which Test Won? Contact Us vs Live Chat Test


Having your customers easily contact you is very important in building trust. Even if they never contact you just knowing they can is important. In this test version A won. B had a 24% drop and C had a 78% drop in clicks. Contact Us was better than Chat Live, but in this test, having both had the greatest lift.

VWO’s New SmartStats Bayesian Statistics

In October 2015 VWO is launching its new SmartStats which runs on Bayesian statistics. This will provide better understanding on how long to run a test for conversion rate optimization. They do not get into the algorithm but discuss the benefits of being able to view the data in three perspectives (below).

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Conversion Rate Optimization Hacks – #CROHacks 41-50, Which Test Won

Ometrics #CROHacks, Conversion Rate Optimization HacksCRO Hacks  #41 to #50 conversion rate optimization hacks that will improve your sites conversion rate and provide user insights about your site and busines.

These conversion hacks came from the TLE 2015 Which Test Won conference. 

This post is updated every time I have a new conversion lift or learn of a new test to try. You can follow the posts #CROhacks on twitter at @Ometrics, @gregahern or on the Conversion Rate Optimization Network via G-Plus  or Linkedin

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