Do you know what a hospitality chatbot is? Are you a hotel owner looking to improve your concierge service? If so, then incorporating hospitality chatbots, or hotel chatbots is the best decision you can make for your business.

Chatbots continue to alter the hospitality industry by helping both the customers obtain the best services and owners retain the clients.

There are several hospitality chatbots available. If you are looking for a hospitality chatbot that will transform your hotel business. This article has you covered as it focuses on the best hospitality chatbots that will help improve your business.

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What is Hospitality Chatbots

AI-Powered Hospitality Chatbots






What are Hospitality Chatbots and Why are They Important?

The hospitality industry mainly deals with food, accommodation, travel, and recreation, which makes it a customer-centric industry. Hotel management involves comprehensive manual labor to perform tasks. For example, a concierge or a receptionist is responsible for keeping track of check-in and check-out times and solving customer complaints and questions.

However, the constant availability of manual labor and their ability to keep track of data and provide solutions based on user preferences might not maintain accuracy. This is where the hospitality chatbots come into play.

AI-Powered Hospitality Chatbots

For almost a decade, chatbots continue to revolutionize the world of technology and influence many industries in different niches. Artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques incorporated into chatbots make them an ideal tool for revising the service the hotel industry provides.

AI-powered hospitality chatbots pave the way for an all-around customer support experience. They provide 24/7 support and help solve user questions with relevant responses.

They also help facilitate the booking process, aid users in choosing the right place to stay, and notify staff personnel when guests require assistance or during emergencies.

Chatbots continue to meet customer expectations and even surpass them in some cases. As a result, people have also started accepting chatbots and have started to learn how to use them for the best possible customer experience.

With the introduction of AI chatbots, there is a significant likelihood of higher client satisfaction, but don’t forget to execute effective Travel SEO to boost the natural growth of your traffic.

Chatbots are an indispensable tool for the travel and hotel sectors. If you are in the hospitality sector and are looking for ways to improve your customer service, then the following is a list of top hospitality chatbots for you.



Ochatbot is an AI-powered chatbot that helps you build a hospitality chatbot to facilitate the user with their questions and bookings.

This chatbot is easy to set up and use with a single script on your website. In addition, you may customize Ochatbot to your preferences. You can change the color and size to match your website’s overall palette schemes.

Ochatbot helps you build your chatbot with a variety of questions based on user keywords and user intent. The best part about this AI-powered chatbot is it uses natural language processing (NLP) to interpret and mimic human nature and build a rapport with the user. Over time, this chatbot learns about your choices and preferences and offers you a more personalized experience and suggestions.

Engaging Users

From a hotelier’s point of view, Ochatbot’s way of engaging users helps in a higher rate of conversion from the audience to leads. It also helps bring suggestions and recommendations which help upsell and cross-sell certain products and services.

You can also add forms and surveys to get insights from the user, which are helpful to keep track of certain metrics and analytics like conversions, and experience.

These are some important features that make Ochatbot an ideal choice to upgrade your hospitality services. You can build, test, and try Ochatbot for free to see if it’s right for your business.


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Bebot is Japan’s first concierge chatbot designed to help tourists by providing reliable information and solutions to user questions. This AI-powered chatbot is the creation of Bespoke Inc., one of the world’s leading developers of AI solutions, to overcome the main drawback of the “communication barrier.” Now it is an indispensable tool for travelers and tourists around the world. You can use your smartphone to get your questions in seconds, which eliminates the need to contact any customer service center and wait for their response. Bebot also conducts surveys to help find recent trends and analyze user preferences based on their answers. It also provides guests with personalized recommendations during the booking process, while planning trips and choosing activities. Bebot gives any information relating to the city surrounding the hotel based on FAQs and from its exclusive database. You can access this chatbot from Facebook Messenger. Bebot is easily customizable and it only takes less than an hour to customize the chatbot according to your preferences.


Hijiffy is an AI-powered hotel chatbot created with the purpose of providing an automated and personalized experience to guests and tourists visiting your hotel. This automated chatbot provides prolonged 24/7 support and answers questions within seconds in the user’s preferred language. By analyzing the user preferences and trends, this chatbot can offer personalized services to the user. By retrieving data and automating simpler tasks, the chatbot can work on more complex tasks which leads to better performance.  It helps hotels upsell and cross-sell any other products and increase their revenue. The team at Hijiffy takes care of the initial setup, and from there, the chatbots can understand human language and understand user intent through artificial intelligence and NLP. This provides an easy yet refined solution to the user question.


Asksuite is one of the leading developers in AI technology for hotel services. Asksuite’s hospitality chatbot provides centralized and automated services through social media platforms that you can access via mobile or desktop. It can answer user questions and help them make decisions whenever required. It particularly focuses on increasing direct bookings and helps reduce operational costs while speeding up the reply time. This chatbot is easy to set up, easy to use, has constant updates, and is able to understand and comprehend user language. The interface of the chatbot is intuitive, delivers centralized communication, and provides multiple channel services.


The main purpose of Velma is to help increase direct booking and to enhance user experience. The team is innovative and is constantly upgrading to enhance the product. It helps the user find answers to their questions almost effortlessly and saves a lot of time. The support is available 24/7 and is available in 24 languages. This hotel chatbot is easy to use and set up, highly reliable, and can respond and provide information without any delay. Also, you can easily personalize and customize the chatbot depending on your choice. It eventually adapts to your preferences and gives better responses that reflect your interests. In addition to helping the users, this chatbot also helps hoteliers gain customer leads. Chatbots convert visitors into customers and provides ways to enhance their hotel service while providing automated user communication. The team at Velma constantly updates the chatbot’s data and analytics, which helps in staying up-to-date and provides a complete enhancement to the user experience.


The hospitality industry is a volatile field. If you are not careful to upgrade your services and provide a better experience to your customers, it is only a matter of time before you lose clients. Having a hotel chatbot, specifically an AI chatbot, facilitates the user’s journey. It will also help improve the overall efficiency, revenue, and guest satisfaction of your hotel. With Ochatbot, you can build a custom chatbot for different business niches from small to large-scale industries. Feel free to contact us to know more about Ochatbot or any of our conversion optimization tools.

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  1. What is a Hospitality Chatbot?
A hospitality chatbot is a form of a chatbot that uses AI, machine learning, or any form of digital technology. The above technologies in chatbots are to mimic human interactions and respond appropriately to the user.
  1. How do hotels use chatbots?
With the rise in AI technology, industries continue to replace manual labor to improve efficiency and automate certain repetitive tasks. In the hotel and travel industry, chatbots continue to replace concierges. Using hotel chatbots, guests can directly book their hotels, ask for solutions to questions and recommendations and keep track of their check-in and check-out times.
  1. How do users access Hospitality chatbots?
Hoteliers run chatbots as a script on their website. In some cases, users may converse with chatbots via mobile phones or social media messaging apps like Facebook messenger. When you open a particular website, the chatbot pops up. In some cases, it is similar to a chat window where you can open it and ask and clarify questions.
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