Personality Chatbots

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We collected a list of interesting personality chatbots. Here are some of them and what they do.

Hector is a fun bot that tells jokes, plays hangman and spouts koans among other conversations.

This is Meta’s latest convesational AI bot released in summer of 2022. I suspect they are gathering data this way becouse that do not have platforms like Amazons Alexa or Googles network to gather all the data needed for conversational AI. Notice how the bot always relates to the last question even if you ask a question unrelated to the last question.

This bot is a four-time winner of the Loebner Prize Turing Test and claims to be the world’s best AI conversational chatbot. As featured in the Wall Street JournalBBCGuardianWired, and more.

Personality Forge
This is a collection of  the best bots built with AIScript. The platform’s AI Engine integrates memories, emotions, knowledge of hundreds of thousands of words, sentence structure, unmatched pattern-matching capabilities, and a scripting language called AIScript.

A personality to provide riddles/clues without ads, emails, or other messy marketing. For Facebook, Slack and Telegram.

This bot has a whole life story and is a chatscript server hosted on Amazon EC2. 

Limited personality and information providing capabilities. Attempts to be sassy.

Edwin the Foreteller
Consults his magic book to tell the future. For iphones.

George (Jabberwacky)
Just there to chat. Has “opinions” and will stop talking to you/sass you if you insult him. Looks to be “typing” out answers.

Virtual girlfriend with AI. Build the character for yourself, chat with it, and it will develop different characteristics as it goes.

If you have any other personality chatbot suggestions to add to our list, please contact us at [email protected]. Want to build a chatbot and don’t know where to start? We can help! Our chatbot consulting and development services are ready to guide you. Click here for more info.

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