Quick AI Chatbot tips about how to build an AI chatbot. This tip is about how to trigger the Ai Chabot to engage with the user. Learn more by taking our free AI Chatbot Course at https://www.ometrics.com/chatbotcourse/

Hi, welcome back to How to Build a Chatbot Quick Tips Number Four. When do you engage and how do you engage with the user when they are on the phone or desktop? So these are called triggers, how are you going to trigger the bot to open up. On desktop, showing the bot open fully once, and then reducing to a ball has a good engagement. This allows them to understand the bot exists, that it’s there to help them later as they journey through the site.

On mobile, it’s a little different because a chatbot covers up a lot of the mobile screen. You want to make sure the user knows they’re on the right site. On desktop, have it show once, have it say as a ball after that. And then on mobile, we recommend that you keep it not engaging for a while or not at all. If you’re going to engage, let them spend some time on the site first.

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