Quick AI Chatbot tips about how to build an AI chatbot. This tip has to do with the initial design before programming a chatbot. Learn more by taking our free AI Chatbot Course at https://www.ometrics.com/chatbotcourse/

Hi, welcome back to How to Build a Chatbot Quick Tips Number Three. Before you start building anything, take a white piece of paper and start doing a bubble diagram, you know, circles with ideas in them. For each part of a conversation you think someone’s going to have with your chatbot. Don’t bother connecting them all, because in the AI world, everything is interconnected. Just put down what kind of conversations they’re going to have, some relate right to another conversation. Write all those out. 

The next step is to create a spreadsheet with a couple columns in them. You want to have the question column, the reply to that question, perhaps any url or image or video you’re going to show as a response, and some of the listeners or keywords they’re going to pick up this type of conversation. Write all those out, script them out the way you want them.

You can still change them once you build your bot, but it’s nice to have them laid out to see if you’re covering everything that maps to your bubble diagram.

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