How to build an AI chabot tips are short videos on what you need to consider when building a chatbot. This video is about the chatbots engagement question and applies to ecommerce chatbots, lead generation chatbots and support chatbots. Learn more by taking our free AI Chatbot Course at

Hi welcome back to how to build a chat bot quick tips number two. The first question you have the engagement question is the most important. If you ask the wrong question, people are going to turn the bot off within a couple seconds. So it’s really important that you engage with them correctly, that you test different ways of engaging.

There are two simple ways to do this. One is you ask them if they’re interested in things that are laid out the way your site navigation is laid out. It’s a little boring but it depends on what you’re doing it can work well.

A better way to engage is to find out and ask what the user’s problem is, what are they trying to solve, why do they come to your site. Once you figure this out then you can point them to the right place in the site or answer the right kind of question that’s going to solve their problem.

Don’t forget to also allow your users a way to type in the question instead of clicking a button they may have a slightly different question and not know which button to click.

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