Ometrics #CROHacks, Conversion Rate Optimization HacksCRO Hacks  #31 to #40 conversion rate optimization hacks that will improve your sites conversion rate and provide user insights about your site and busines. I have successfully used most of these CRO hacks for clients on landing pages, ecommerce or across a whole site.

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CROHack 31 – Use popup surveys for marketing questions instead of trial form fields. Every field added drops your conversion rate per field.

CROHack 32 – For higher converting buttons pick the colors that are opposite each other on a color wheel.

CROHack 33 – For long registration processes break the form up into two pages or ask for the information after they are logged in.

CROHack 34 – Optimize conversions by device. Test different font sizes on smaller devices such as cell phones.

CROHack 35 – Always A/B test to 95% statistical confidence or higher. Statistical significance or confidence is not linear but on a curve so there is a big difference between 80% and 95%.

CROHack 36 – Place CTA (Call-To-Action) links or buttons so one is always visible when scrolling.

CROHack 37 – I tested adding a carousel or slide show to the homepage and dropped conversions to trial by 33.5%. Carousels can be good for branding but are usually conversion killers.

CROHack 38 – Never underestimate the power of a BBB logo. I have seen lifts of 40% by adding their logo on a B to C site.

CROHack 39 – A simple way to A/B test for form issues is to set two goals one for submit button clicks the other for the thank you page. If you are getting more submit buttons than thank you pages then users are getting frustrated and leaving after trying to fill it out. Try Form Metrics to track down which field or question is causing the problem.

CROHack 40 – By removing the top navigation on a demo registration pages I had a lift of 425%. Keep the user focused on one button to click.

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