Ometrics #CROHacks, Conversion Rate Optimization HacksCRO Hacks  #21 to #30  conversion rate optimization hacks that will improve your sites conversion rate and provide user insights about your site and busines. I have successfully used most of these CRO hacks for clients on landing pages, ecommerce or across a whole site.

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CROHack 21 – Only use three bullet points when listing benefits or top features. I have experienced lifts of 73% by simplifying copy to three bullets

CROHack 22 – Simplify the decision process, copy, images, CTA, focus the prospect to one decision.

CROHack 23 – Use heat maps to determine where users are not clicking then remove those links.

CROHack 24 – Use heat maps to determine where users are clicking and add hyperlinks to those words and images

CROHack 25 – Analyze the time it takes to fill out each field in a form to determine user issues. This helps is determining where a user is confused by your question or how they are to enter their answer.

CROHack 26 – Never have two CTA’s on a page with the exception of buy and trial.

CROHack 27 – Try other “Free Trial” CTA’s such as “Try It Free”. A “free trial” can have other concepts attached to it like a commitment.

CROHack 28 – Create CTA’s with the users end goal in mind. Instead of “Submit” try “Yes, send me….”

CROHack 29 – When offering a trial and no credit card is needed, state “no credit card required”. I have experienced a 16% lift stating this.

CROHack 30 – Reduce your form to the bare minimum fields as possible. Each field can add 3% to 5% drop in lift. I had one client that had no fields just download the software. They had a 50% conversion rate. That is half the visitors downloaded! Most conversion rates are 5-15%. My test have shown 3% to 5% lift for every field I removed. Most of the fields where marketing related.

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