The 2021 Conversion Rate Optimization Guide

Chapter 14

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The Golden Rules of Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Always test to statistical confidence.
  • Always test for at least a full week. There are two reasons: 1) Most test conversions dampen over time, so the first few days will look better than the end results as you reach statistical confidence. 2) You want to gather data from all user types. Weekend users can be different than weekday users.
  • If speed testing or cutting tests short due to poor initial results, combine your final tests into one test and run the test to completion
  • Never assume what a test will do. Sometimes the ugly design does better than the pretty one.
  • Do not be afraid to test radical designs. Testing fonts and colors can make difference but radical layout changes often make a bigger difference.
  • Do not assume what worked on another site or page will work on your site or page. It is worth testing, but every site has different audiences and brand effect even in the same industry.
  • Never assume you know anything. Sometimes the ugly design converts better than the slick and pretty one. Do not assume all your users understand your industry lingo or understand the fundamentals of your business. Do pop-up surveys and have feedback tabs on your site to gather information to better understand your user and where they are getting confused or have the wrong assumptions.
  • Only have one goal per page. Do not confuse or slow down the user into thinking about making another decision.

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