The 2021 Conversion Rate Optimization Guide

Chapter 15

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The following are conversion rate optimization hacks, which are tests results I post on the Ometrics blog and socially on Twitter under #CROHacks and on Instagram @ometricsllc. More can be found at Although these hacks are from real tests, it is important that you run a test yourself. It is not uncommon for an A/B test to change results even in the same industry. This is due to many factors, especially the targeted audience and ad.

  1. Do not use small fonts for page copy. I have seen a 100% lift by changing font size from 8 pt. to 14 pt.
  2. Pop-up Survey “What brought you to our site?” Next list product or service check boxes. This helps determine what you should lead with in your site navigation and copy. Make sure the traffic is not from a particular Pay-Per-Click campaign as it may skew your results.
  3. I tested adding a carousel or slide show to the homepage and dropped conversions to trial by 33.5%. Carousels can be good for branding but are usually conversion killers.
  4. Make sure your page layout has visual flow that forces the viewer to end up on your CTA. This works great with lifts over 100%! Use graphics with arrows, people looking at the CTA, get creative!
  5. Lead pop-ups are active unlike a feedback tab which is passive. If used correctly, unobtrusive slide-up type pop-ups can increase user engagement and increase leads three-fold.
  6. Use action words above a form and tell them what to do. For example, get, join, sign up, register now.
  7. Test using a light shade and a line around your credit card entry section because it provides perceived security.
  8. Provide a link to a list of coupon codes next to the enter coupon box in checkout. Customers want to feel that they are getting the best deal.
  9. Call coupon codes reward codes. It makes customers feel special.  Coupons do not make users feel good if they do not have one.
  10. Only use three bullet points when listing benefits or top features. I have experienced lifts of 70% by simplifying the copy to three bullets.
  11. Never have two CTA’s on a page with the exception of buy and trial.
  12. When offering a trial and no credit card is needed, state “no credit card required.” I have experienced a 15% lift stating this.
  13. Use pop-up surveys for marketing questions instead of trial form fields. Every field added in a form drops your conversion rate 3% to 5% per field.
  14.  Pick the colors that are opposite each other on a color wheel for contrasting colors. I have had lifts of over 50% when adding good contrast. Make sure your colors do not vibrate though.
  15. By removing the top navigation on a demo registration page, I have tested a lift of 425%. Keep the user focused on one button to click – trial, demo and landing pages.

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