The more sophisticated chatbots use Artifical Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) systems. Read more about the future of the chatbot platform and AI chatbot. 

Chatbots are becoming the machine-version of a virtual assistant. Google Assistant is a chatbot, and the Facebook chatbot uses Messenger chatbot as its chatbot platform. A non-assistant type of chatbot is used for entertainment, such as a jokebot, or for research to gather specific data. Another application is a socialbot that is used to promote a specific product, service, issue or candidate.

The latest chatbot technology is a move toward real-time learning or machine learning that uses evolutionary algorithms that are optimized for their ability to communicate based on the uniqueness of each conversation held. At this point in the evolution of the chatbot technology, there is no general purpose conversational artificial intelligence. However, this will change rapidly in the evolutionary process.

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Chatbots are an emerging technology and the future of chatbots is going in the direction of AI, Artificial Intelligence. As systems become more complex, developers are focusing on making software more independent by using intent-based algorithms and AI. We have arrived at the point where we expect software to work automatically, and we expect to have complete control over the automation of our digital lives. This automation is also expected to figure out what is needed in real-time where the circumstances keep changing, even while the automation is still constructing and processing a solution.

The most complex systems like Amazon Alexa, Google Home and IBM Watson use machine learning. They cluster millions of pieces of data and can make assumptions of the correct answer. These systems are very complex and take a lot of computer power. This field is moving so fast that new tools, research and technology are being created every 3 to 6 months. Amazon has over 1000 engineers working on AI problems now.

The AI and ML technology is being used for driving cars, manufacturing, outbound calling and inbound support, astrophysics and more. Right now, the machine learning industry focuses on supervised learning, which means that insights are attained from data. In the future, industries will adopt intelligent agents, and this will radically change every industry on the planet. This is the future of software, where artificial intelligence and machine learning creep into our daily lives in the digital world.

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