This list of the best AI tools is updated weekly from the Optimize Newsletter.  [Subscribe] This list includes AI business tools, AI marketing tools, AI video tools, and much more.

Rival Flow – This SEO tool from SpyFu analyzes your content and provides suggestions for improvement. Link

SmithMind – Find leads and contact information, analyze documents, and boost your SEO. Link

SEO AI tools – Here are several AI tools to improve your SEO. Link

AdGenAI – This new tool is still being launched and creates ads for you. Link

Dart – AI-based project management platform. Link

Adsby – AI co-pilot for Google search ads Link

Stey AI for web copy Link

Saner – Where you scale and utilize your knowledge easily Link

Superhuman – Released Instant Reply to speed up your emails Link

TypePromt – AI content for social posts and blogs Link

HeyEditor – AI video and photo editor Link

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