best shopify plugins

Shopify is probably the easiest ecommerce platform to run your business off of.  It is user-friendly and you can have a professional looking site up and running very quickly.  Design skills are not required and there are a lot of integrations available for marketing. Prices range from $9 to $40,000 per month.  There are a whole host of the best Shopify plugins to make your store even more profitable.  Following is a list of some of the best Shopify plugins.

Increase Sales

Here are some of the best Shopify plugins that are designed to increase sales.  An Ochatbot can increase sales by 15% to 35% by aiding customers in finding and purchasing products.  ReBuy is one of the best Shopify plugins to suggest other things to buy based on their last purchase.  And Subscriptions is one of the best Shopify plugins you need for recurring sales.

  • Ometrics Engagement tools and Ochatbot:  Ometrics has a suite of engagement tools from exit intent popups, mobile banners, and offer sliders, to Need Help tabs and AI Chatbot. The tools range from a free plan to plans where Ometrics will build and train your chatbot for you.  Ochatbot is a chatbot for websites. For eCommerce, Ochatbot engages your online shoppers and provides advice to help them quickly find what they are looking for, resulting in increased sales revenues.  For lead generation, Ochatbot starts a conversation with your prospects, qualifies and gathers their contact info, and sends it to your sales team.  For surveys and market research, Ochatbot asks questions of your visitors without them knowing they are doing a survey.  As a chatbot virtual assistant, Ochatbot provides fast answers to common support questions so your support staff can handle more complex customer issues.  There is a free plan, three paid plans, and the ability to customize a specific plan for your enterprise. Prices are as follows:
    • Free – the free plan involves one domain, 1000 monthly visitors, 100 Ochatbot interactions, five eCommerce SKUs, one email alert address, Ochatbot, and unlimited use of over eight tools including sliders, pop ups, and tabs.
    • Basic – the basic plan is $69 per month or $49 per month when paid annually – Free plan plus 10,000 monthly visitors, 1000 Ochatbot interactions, and 25 eCommerce SKUs.
    • Plus – $109 per month or $79 per month when paid annually – Basic plan plus two domains, 50,000 monthly visitors, 10,000 Ochatbot interactions, unlimited eCommerce SKUs, nine email alert addresses, page targeting, APIs to thousands of CRMs and other tools, and Ochatbot custom icons.
    • Pro – $495 per month or $479 per month when paid annually – Plus plan plus custom built Ochatbot, daily AI training and optimization, monthly Ochatbot insights reporting, NLP engineer and support, and white labeling.
  • ReBuy: Email Upsell Cross-Sell:  Rebuy allows you to send automated order follow ups with no coding required.   This plugin has prefilled Shopify checkouts including Buy Now, Reorder, and Buy it Again.  Integrate ReBuy’s intelligent cross-selling widget into your existing pages and apps to get more value from each transaction.  Send beautiful looking order follow up emails. Customize your emails to match your brand. Contains intelligent cross-selling for your shopping cart.  Easily customize your cross-sell widget. The plugin also contains performance tracking that delivers insight. Free plan available. 30-day free trial.
    • Starter – free – this plan allows up to 50 monthly orders (based on total shop orders), a money back guarantee, and a positive ROI promise.
    • Pro – $4.49 per month + 9 ¢ per order (based on total shop orders) – this plan comes with a thirty-day free trial, a money back guarantee, and a positive ROI promise.
    • Enterprise – $949.99 per month – this plan allows unlimited orders, has a thirty-day free trial, a money back guarantee, a positive ROI promise, and priority support.
  • Subscriptions by ReCharge: Subscriptions by ReCharge integrates with Shopify’s checkout, customer accounts, order flow, and many third party apps.  Scale and customize your subscription business with the only approved subscription plug-in on Shopify. This Shopify plugin helps you turn your retail business into a subscription business and includes ways to present incentives to keep customers from completing their transactions or canceling their subscriptions.   Sell and manage repeat orders in a powerful yet simple all-in-one platform. Make it easy for customers to manage their subscriptions. Scale subscriber growth with the ReCharge API. ReCharge integrates with the best-of-breed apps. See a snapshot of your business using their reports feature. Dive into the details by building custom reports via the ReCharge API.  Use the ReCharge API to give customers the ability to build a box. Change the look and feel of your checkout to match your theme by adding custom CSS. Customize the user experience by offering the ability to build a subscription from scratch. Maintain your product branding through the entire subscription experience. Easily sell a box of goods, set delivery and cut-off dates, and include multiple frequencies to choose from.  Offer discounts to your most loyal customers. The price is $39.99 per month. There is a 60-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.
    • $39.99 per month  +1% + 5 ¢ per transactions – this plan contains a full set of ReCharge standard features, top-notch customer service, and integrations with the best-of-breed apps.
  • Easy Google Shopping Feed: the Easy Google Shopping Feed plugin for Shopify stores will quickly set up Google Merchant Center and create a Google Shopping Feed in two minutes with a few clicks without any errors. This plugin will improve your Google Feed and SEO.  There are unlimited free countries. There is a free plan available. Other plans have a 14-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.
    • 1 Product Store – free – this plan has free unlimited countries, free unlimited variants, audit score, and automatic syncing.
    • Basic – $19.99 per month – $1 for every 1000 products – this plan has free unlimited countries, free unlimited variants, audit score, and automatic syncing.
    • Advanced – $49.99 per month – $2 for every 1000 products – this plan has free unlimited countries, free unlimited variants, audit score, automatic syncing, metafields support, product reviews integrations, and feed rules.

Best Shopify Plugins for Reviews

Customer reviews are good for bringing visitors to your store, making your store stand out against the competition, and building trust.  These are the best Shopify plugins to send emails to your customers after a sale asking them to review their purchasing experience. These reviews to go to Google Search so others can see how happy your other customers were.

  • Review Platform: Review Platform uses automated review collection tools and onpage widgets to collect reviews and direct them across Google.  This plugin will allow you to show unique review content for better SEO. You can get started in seconds and send hundreds of review invitations immediately. produces a 14% increase in conversion. It will allow you to stand out in Google Shopping. You can build high-quality relationships and get a great ROI.  Plans are from $89 per month. Additional charges may apply. There is a 14-day free trial.  
    • Small Business – $89 per month – additional fees may be applicable for feature bolt-ons – this plan provides 400 review invitations per month, company reviews, product reviews, stars in Google ads, a comprehensive widget library, and rich snippets.
    • Growing Business – $159 per month – additional fees may be applicable for feature bolt-ons – Small Business plan features plus 2500 review invitations per month, Google shopping reviews, advanced publishing options, review retargeting ads, and API access.
  • Product Reviews: Product Reviews sends emails to your customers to review their purchase.  It will also collect photo and video reviews. This plugin places review stars in Google Search (with rich snippets), Google Shopping, Facebook, and Twitter. This plugin lets you get more reviews, photos, and sales.  The developer installs widgets for you and has 24/7 support. You get more traffic from Google and Facebook. You can build your brand everywhere. There is a free plan available. Pricing is as follows:
    • Forever Free – this plan has unlimited review requests, installation, a review carousel, an in-email review form, ability to curate reviews, SEO rich snippets, review import, and CSS customization for widgets.
    • Awesome – $15 per month – this plan includes photo reviews, automatic reminders, reward coupons, Q&A, custom forms, an all reviews page, a Facebook social push, Google Shopping, and full customization.
  • Reputon Customer Reviews App: Reputon Customer Reviews App collect customer reviews by sending out an email after purchase.  You set the number of days between purchase and the email based on shipping time. The negative reviews get forwarded to a customer support form where you can take care of the issue promptly and avoid bad reviews online.  The good reviews go to the sites you designate including Google, Yelp, Facebook, TripAdvisor, and many more. There is a free plan available. Prices are as follows:
    • Beginner – free – this plan allows up to 50 emails per month.
    • Light – $9.99 per month – this plan allows up to 150 emails per month.
    • Standard – $24.99 per month – this plan allows up to 500 emails per month.
    • Advanced – $49.99 per month – this plan allows up to 1500 emails per month.


A common type of business involves dropshipping.  You decide on the theme of your business. It could be horses, gardening, clothing for toddlers, smiley faces, hunting apparel, sports gear, all things related to candy corn, or anything else you are interested in.  From there, you set up your site using Shopify plugins that source products that fit your theme from wholesalers worldwide. Your customers can order the products from your site and the wholesaler ships them to your customer.  You do not keep inventory or need to worry about shipping. Make sure you do some research when choosing the best eCommerce dropshipping plugin.The following are the best Shopify plugins for dropshipping.

  • Oberlo by Shopify: Oberlo will find products, add them to your store, and take care of all the shopping.  You can track sales versus costs on a day-to-day basis. Oberlo will find the products to import to your store and you can save and edit the ones you want to sell.  You can review sales reports. There is a free plan available. Prices are as follows:
    • Free starter plan – this plan contains everything you need to launch your store.  There is a 500 product limit.
    • Basic plan – $29.90 per month – this plan accommodates up to 10,000 products with advanced order tracking, an affiliate program, real-time order tracking, and orders fulfillment monitoring.
    • Pro Plan – $79.90 per month – this plan allows for unlimited orders, up to 30,000 products, multiple staff accounts, and it integrates with other sales channels.
  • Spocket: Spocket offers dropship wholesale pricing, fast shipping from European Union & US suppliers, and will automate your Shopify orders with real-time monitoring.  Spocket integrates with Oberlo, Printful, Loox review, and Kit. You can dropship highly discounted, fast shipping products. You can partner with thousands of verified US / EU suppliers.  You can focus on the business while Spocket automates the rest. It is trusted by 25,000+ entrepreneurs. You can discover and dropship thousands of US / EU products. There is a free plan available and a 14-day free trial.  External charges may apply. Pricing is as follows with discounts for the entire year paid in full up front:
    • Free – for entrepreneurs who just want to browse Spocket’s catalog.
    • Starter – $9 per month – this plan offers unlimited orders and up to 25 unique products.  Annual discounted price is $96/year.
    • Pro – $49 per month – this plan offers up to 25 premium products, 250 unique products, and branded invoicing.  Annual discounted price is $348 per year.
    • Empire – $99 per month – this plan offers unlimited products, including unlimited premium products.  Annual discounted price is $828 per year.
  • Modalyst: Modylist has three main types of inventory: independent brands, trendy affordable products, and low-cost goods. There are thousands of items to add to your store and product info is updated continuously.  Shipping is fast and most domestic orders arrive within three to eight days. Some of the plans include name brands. Many independent brands are available wholesale to Modalyst users. There is also a collection of low-cost goods available.  You save and edit the items you want to import to your store. Choose as many products as your bandwidth allows. Inventory levels are always synched, so you are not left selling a product that is out of stock. Orders are synced all the way from your Shopify store to the supplier. including tracking numbers for your customers.  Offer free shipping on select suppliers without it affecting your margins. There are many categories of merchandise to choose from. There is a free plan available. Additional charges may apply. Prices are as follows:
    • Hobby – free to install – 5% transaction fee – this plan has a 25 product limit and no name brands available.
    • Start-up – $30/month – 5% transaction fee – this plan has a 250 product limit with no name brands.
    • Pro – $20/month – billed at $240 once per year – 5% transaction fee – this plan has a 5000 product limit and access to all name brands.
    • Business – $40 per month – billed at $480 once per year – 2% transaction fee – this plan has unlimited products and unlimited access.
  • Printful:Printful has no upfront costs. There are over 160 quality items that can be printed on demand with your design or text.  Customer service is available 24/7. The app has built-in design tools. It offers product personalization. Printful also offers design, store setup, photography, and video services.  Their printable products include clothes, accessories, and home decor. There is a mock-up generator online to give you an idea of what your product will look like. There are four in-house facilities in the United States, Mexico, and Europe.  This plan is free.
    • Free – this company prints its own items according to your specs and charges you for the items themselves.  There are separate costs for consulting services. The app itself has no cost.
  • Printify: With Printify, you can start your own print-on-demand company and sell t-shirts, mugs, sneakers, and hoodies. To get started, create a Printify account and add the application button to your Shopify store. Once you have logged in, select one of the available print providers and a product. Create a mockup of the product design and upload it to the mockup generator. Printify will sync the added product with your store and handle order printing and shipping for you. There are over 250 products in the catalog and Printify printing network includes partners from China, the US, Australia, and Europe. Includes a built-in mockup generator for creating custom merchandise and syncing products automatically with online stores.
    • Free – supports five online stores, unlimited product designs, and includes all basic features.
    • Premium – $24.99/month – support for up to 10 online stores, a discount of up to 20% on all products, and a self-serve help desk.

Shopify Plugins for SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a group of actions you take on your website in order to make it more visible with a higher ranking for internet search engines such as Google.  These are the best Shopify plugins designed to help.  The ideal is to make it appear on the first page of a search as high up as possible in order to maximize the number of people searching for something to click on a link leading to your website.  What you want is your candy corn store to show up as high as possible on the first search page when someone goes looking for candy corn. SEO includes making sure the most searched for terms are present all over your website, that links point to those terms, and that blog posts contain those terms.  The following are the best Shopify plugins for SEO.

  • Plug in SEO: Plug in SEO improves your SEO rankings in Google and other search engines.  Better rankings will drive more traffic to your store. More traffic to your store will increase your store sales.  With the Plug in SEO Plus plan you can check your store and blog for SEO problems, keywords and broken links. You can find out what’s important to fix and how to fix it.  The Plug in SEO Plus plan contains powerful templating – improve hundreds of SEO page titles and descriptions all at once. The Plug in SEO Plus plan also contains detailed instruction videos and help articles are available for both plans.  There is quick SEO from within your products, collections, pages and blog posts. In the Plug in SEO Plus plan there are advanced SEO features for full control of your SEO. you receive a comprehensive report for your whole site. There is a free plan available and a 7-day free trial.  Prices are as follows:
    • Free Forever – get an unlimited amount of pages for seo, blog, and speed problem checks.   It also includes detailed fix instructions and code, automatic email alerts, and email help and support.
    • Plug In SEO Plus – $20/month – the paid upgrade includes automatic SEO improvements, free installation, instruction videos, and premium support that includes template creation.  The latest JSON-LD structured data is added automatically. Also included is title and meta description editing for every page on your shop.
  • JSON-LD for SEO:JSON-LD for SEO is one of the best Shopify plugins that creates Rich Snippets and Rich Results to increase organic search traffic from Google.  It increases conversions by showing your product details directly in the search results. JSON-LD for SEO can acquire Rich Results faster than the industry average (37 versus 240-390 days).  After installation, your store is now JSON-LD friendly. The Rich Snippets will make your store standout from competitors on search pages by providing the information the searcher is looking the snippet.  It can also show the Rich Snippets optimized for a mobile device. There is a @99 one-time charge for this plugin.
    • $299 one time charge – this includes all updates, continuous monitoring,  and any changes you make to your store theme.
  • Kudobuzz SEO (formerly SEO Doctor)Kudobuzz SEO will scan your store and give you recommendations on how to fix any SEO issues it finds.  It will automatically find and fix broken links as well as optimize your title, description and product images.  Kudobuzz SEO also contains a JSON-LD feature to improve your store’s appearance to search engines. You will have an SEO dashboard see you SEO store health and fixes that were done.  There are autopilot SEO fixes to optimize SEO in real-time. Kudobuzz SEO automatically sets image alt text. Its image compression feature allows your site to load quicker. It tracks and fixes broken links.  Kudobuzz SEO also provides sitemap management. There is a free plan available. Prices are as follows:
    • Free – enjoy all the features for manual optimization, SEO audits, optimized meta title and descriptions, image compression and alt-text update, and support.
    • Pro Plan – $19.99 per month – this plan contains autopilot SEO, sitemap management, basic JSON-LD, a realtime optimization report, fixing of broken links and redirects, and a bonus 90 days shop ranking booster.
    • Business Plan – $149 per month – this plan contains advanced JSON-LD, page speed optimization, keyword research for up to 15 products, social media optimization, abandoned cart email pitches, and premium support.
    • Enterprise Plan – $249 per month – Everything in the Business Plan plus one whitehat backlink, ten social signals, a sales conversion optimizer, competitor analysis (up to three), advanced analytics, and pro reports.
  • SPO (SEO Product Optimizer): SPO handles the social meta tags while you create your link previews.  SPO researches niche keywords to take advantage of the higher conversion value of long tail keywords. It will select critical SEO factors and advise on which keywords to use for your products.    It will optimize your products for SEO and social media. All the information for each product is consolidated on one page for you to edit. The dashboard makes everything easy to look at. The welcome page gives you news and announcements for the plugin.  There is a free plan available and a 14-day free trial. Prices are as follows:
    • Free – Lite – the free plan offers a monthly ten suggested keyword analysis, 30 social and product content updates per month, and a custom link preview on Facebook and Twitter.
    • Basic – $15.99 per month – this plan offers a monthly 100 suggested keyword analysis, unlimited social and product content updates per month, and a custom link preview on Facebook and Twitter.  The Basic Plan also has a three-month free trial of
  • ReloadSEO: ReloadSEO is an all-in-one SEO toolset to drive customers to your store.   It helps increase your Shopify revenue by improving your organic search rankings.  ReloadSEO is beginner friendly. It will help you discover money making keywords. There is an SEO dashboard.  This plugin will help you write highly optimized content. It will also help you manage your site’s health by finding and fixing issues fast.  You can track your rankings in the search engines. From $59 per month, 14-day free trial. Prices are as follows:
    • Starter Plan – $59 per month – this plan allows for a 1000 SKU synchronization, 30 tracked keywords, 5000 crawled pages, 50 keyword insights, 150 backlink insights, and one user.
    • Business – $99 per month – this plan includes 5000 SKU synchronization, 150 tracked keywords, 15,000 crawled pages, 250 keyword insights, 150 backlink insights, and three users.
    • Professional – $149 per month – this plan includes a 15,000 SKU synchronization, 400 tracked keywords, 50,000 crawled pages, 800 keyword insights, 500 backlink insights, 10 users, and an SEO manager.
    • Enterprise – $249 per month – this plan accommodates a 50,000 SKU synchronization, 1000 tracked keywords, 150,000 crawled pages, 1600 keyword insights, 1200 backlink insights, 10 users, and an SEO manager.
  • Ultra SEO:  Ultra SEO is simple to install with no need to modify any code.   It gives you complete control of every meta tag, keyword, and author tag for you shop.  This plugin allows you to attract more customers from search engines. By customizing your product and shop meta tags, your shop appears higher in search engine results.  There is a free seven day trial.
    • $10 per month.
  • SEO Images All-In-One Seo: SEO Images All-In-One Seo is will optimize your entire shop to increase web traffic and boost your SEO.  This app will compress your photos so your website pages load faster. It uses Google AI to rename your photos to match popular search terms.  You can compress, watermark, rename, and set alt tags in bulk rather than having to do this for each image. Some of the tools are free and some have a per use fee.  There is a free plan available. Additional charges may apply. Monthly plans are as follows:
    • Free Plan – this plan contains unlimited image edits, unlimited resize, watermark, compression, etc., 90-day backup and restore, free alt texts, free meta titles, free JSON LD.
    • Small Shops – $6.99 per month – ideal for small shops with unlimited image edits, unlimited backup and restore, unlimited feature usage, and bulk and auto optimizer.
    • Medium Shops – $9.99 per month – ideal for medium-sized shops with unlimited image edits, unlimited backup and restore, unlimited feature usage, and bulk and auto optimizer.
    • Large Shops – $19.99 per month – designed for large shops with unlimited image edits, unlimited backup and restore, unlimited feature usage, and bulk and auto optimizer.


shopify plugins

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Best Shopify Plugins for Marketing

Marketing is important for any business.  How else are customers going to find out about your candy corn shaped coasters or even realize they want them if you do not put the images in front of them.  These are the best Shopify plugins with various marketing tools to increase sales including email campaigns, referral reward, photo sharing, abandoned cart reminders, and product reviews.

  • Kit:Kit is a proactive, artificially-intelligent marketing assistant that helps find the  right shoppers and drive more sales. With this plugin, you can create Facebook ads and dynamic retargeting campaigns to show these ads to the right shoppers.  This plugin also works with Instagram. This plugin creates email marketing campaigns as well as ads and posts. Kit uses Modalyst to recommend products for your store and add them for you.  Kit is free to install. Additional charges may apply.
    • Free to install – for ads that you run on Facebook or Instagram using Kit, you will be billed directly through your Facebook ad account.
  • Klaviyo: Klaviyo helps you recapture lost sales with winback and abandoned cart email as well as create custom email flows.  It gathers data about your customers from Shopify and other apps to help create a better targeted campaign. Klaviyo presents more than just the number of emails opened and the number clicked through.  It has a dashboard that actually helps you track sales as a result of your email campaign. There are time-delayed abandoned cart emails to recoup possible lost sales. There are features to divide your email addresses into lists and segments and use them to create flows that only send out emails to those who are likely to open them and respond.  There are reports available showing sales for each of your campaigns. Klaviyo has a creative library of email templates so you do not have to create these from scratch. Klaviyo is free to install. Additional charges apply based on a larger number of contacts and emails sent.
    • Free to install – up to 250 email contacts and 500 email sends with Klaviyo Branding and double opt-in required.  Unlimited email sends and email and chat support begin at $20 per month. The $20 per month level allows up to 500 contacts and scales up to $475 per month for up to 28,000 contacts.  The next level begins at $500 per month with up to 29,000 contacts and up to 290,000 email sends and scales up to $1450 per month, up 125,000 contacts and 1,250,000 email sends with email and chat support.  For $1500 per month you get up to 129,000 contacts and 1,290,000 email sends and a dedicated customer success manager. This level scales up to $1700 per month for up 148,000 contacts and 1,480,000.
  • Recart FB Messenger Marketing: Recart FB Messenger Marketing helps you get in front of your customers using Facebook Messenger.  With this plugin, you can grow your Messenger list and even have conversations with your loyal customers.  You can capture lost revenue with abandoned cart messages. Send automated Messenger campaigns. Recart has the largest selection of Messenger campaigns, to choose from.  There is Sticky Discount Box, an order page subscription, and improved customer chat. You can draft beautiful Messenger campaigns, grow your Messenger audience, recover abandoned carts on Messenger, integrate Loox Reviews with Recart Messenger, send Messenger receipts, send promotions on Messenger, and notify customers about shipment.   There are new, better, more profitable subscription tools to replace pre-check. There is a Recart – Wheelio integration, a Recart – Optimonk integration, and a Recart – WooHoo integration. The plan costs $29 per month. There is a 28-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.
    • $29 per month – Monthly fee scales with the extra sales generated by Recart.  You can make up to $1000 in extra sales for $29 per month. This scales to up to $200,000 in extra sales for $1899 per month.
  • Referral Candy: Referral Candy has an easy-to-use Theme Editor to customize everything from pop-ups to referral pages to emails with your brand and designs.  You can see an overview of sales and shares or check to see who referred whom. Referral Candy handles the code and fulfillment regardless of whether you choose cash, coupons, or special gifts as rewards.  The Premium Plan is $49 per month with a 30-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.
    • Premium Plan – $49 per per month – unlimited customers, dashboard and data reports, 24/7 Live Chat support, and automatic fraud protection.
    • Enterprise Plan – $3999 per year – all that the Premium Plan includes plus an account manager and priority support.
  • Socialphotos:Socialphotos works by collecting your customers’s photos, publish the curated photos, tracking sales related to the photos.  First you connect your customers’ generated content with Shopify. You only select the ones you want to use. The average performance: 5% sales lift, 9% customer engagement.  Socialphotos helps you increase brand credibility and drive more sales. Join hundreds of happy customers and cancel anytime. Plans from $10 per month (see below). 30-day free trial.
    • Basic Plan – $10 per month – content pre-moderation, community page, reminders after purchase, track one hashtag and username, create one gallery.
    • Advanced Plan – $24 per month – Basic Plan features plus shoppable customer photos, track multiple hashtags and usernames, multiple galleries and product related galleries.
    • Premium Plan – $50 per month – Advanced Plan features plus remove Socialphotos branding.
  • Yotpo: Product & Photo Reviews:Yotpo gathers ratings and reviews from various sources and applies them to your store.  You can showcase these reviews to increase traffic and sales. It installs easily and imports your existing reviews.  Showcase your best reviews and rating on site. Use analytics to measure and improve performance. Turn every purchase into a review.  Generate different types of content and showcase on site. Moderate and comment with ease. Drive more shoppers to your site. Personalize the on-site experience.  Use coupons to incentivize customers to write reviews. Break down customer feedback into powerful data. Display your best reviews across the customer journey. Engage more customers with community Q&A.  Curate customer photos and videos from instagram. This plugin is free to install. External charges may apply.
    • Free – includes fifty monthly orders, review request emails, on-site widgets, basic customization, and content management and moderation.
    • Premium – custom monthly orders, multi-channel content generation, on-site widgets and galleries, Google and Facebook integration, advanced content management, widgets and email customization, multiple domain support, and a dedicated success manager.  Contact Yotpo customer service for a quote.

Best Shopify Plugins for Wishlists

Wishlists for your Shopify store give you fantastic data on what your customers might purchase.  From this data, you can structure your marketing to change those items to what they will purchase.  Someone can add the candy corn print apron onto a wishlist.  You can send out an email when the apron is on sale or when the stock is running low.  Here are some of the best Shopify plugins for wishlists.

  • Wishlist Plus:Wishlist Plus is a full-feature wishlist plugin that does not require customers to be logged in and also works on mobile devices.  You can create personalized email and social campaigns based on wishlist activity. This plugin is easily customized to your brand. You can provide an add to wishlist button/icon on every page.  There are multiple launchpoint options to surface your wishlist UI. You can surface wishlist activity as social proof. Re-engage customers via both email and social media. Wishlist Plus has a smart and intuitive dashboard.  There is seamless integration with your existing marketing tools. There is a free plan available and a 30-day free trial. Pricing is as follows;
    • Free – easy code-free setup, up to 100 wishlist items per month, share wishlist via email, metrics dashboard, and a configurable wishlist module.
    • Starter – $14.99 per month – or $12.50 per month billed at $149.99 once per year – free 30-day trial, all Free features plus up to 1000 wishlist items per month, detailed engagement reports, share wishlist via social media, non-English support, wishlist reminder emails.
    • Pro – $49.99 per month – or $41.6 per month billed at $499.99 once per year – all Starter features plus up to 10,000 wishlist items per month, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, and Hubspot  integration, Facebook pixel integration, a trending wishlist widget, kiw-stock and price drop alerts, and custom branding.
    • Premium – $99.99 per month – or $83.88 per month billed at $999.99 once per year – all Pro features plus up to 50,000 wishlist items per month, customizable email templates, ESP integration, JavaScript API for customization, cross-device analytics.
  • WishList + Reminder: WishList + Reminder has two basic functions: allows customers to save items to a wishlist and send emails to remind them of the items.  The plan is $5 per month. There is a 14-day free trial.
  • Wishlist @ $2: Wishlist @ $2 includes a dashboard to manage wishlists by products or by customers.  You can send emails to your customers about items on their wishlists. Wishlist @ $2 gives you a daily report.  The plugin is $2 per month. There is a 14-day free trial. 
    • One Plan – $2 per month – one fixed cost for all features, no limit on the number of items in wishlist, no limit on the number of customers.
  • Smart Wishlist:Smart Wishlist allows your customers to create a wishlist without a login.  Wishlist buttons can be added on all pages. Your customers can share wishlists via email and social media.  Customers can add to their wishlists from individual product pages as well as collection pages. A My Wishlist page is generated by Smart Wishlist.  Wishlist sharing via social networks and email takes place using a URL copied from the site and posted for sharing. Wishlist usage reports are displayed in a merchant console.  The plugin is $4.99 per month. There is a 30-day free trial.
  • Wishlist King:Wishlist King allows your customers to create wishlists and share them using email and social media.  The plugin creates fully customisable wishlists that blend in with your store theme. Analytics wishlist data allows you to see what is on everyone’s wishlist and which customers have saved which items.  Everything is summed up on a dashboard. Customers can share wishlists via social media by simply clicking a button. There is variant selection on the wishlist page. You have a fully customizable wishlist button.  Customers can click this button in order to add the wishlist on the collection pages or link to their wishlist in the header. Plans from $4.95 per month. There is a 14-day free trial. Prices are as follows:
    • Basic Stores – $4.95 per month – unlimited wishlist functionality for Shopify Basic stores.
    • Standard Stores – $19 per month – unlimited wishlist functionality for Shopify Standard stores.
    • Advanced Stores – $29 per month – unlimited wishlist functionality for Shopify Advanced stores.
    • Plus Stores – $49 per month – unlimited wishlist functionality for Shopify Plus stores plus priority support.
  • Wishl Favorites Wishlist:Wishl Favorites Wishlist allows customers to easily create wishlists which you can use for your email campaign to keep them shopping at your store.  You can keep track of what is on wishlists to know what to keep in inventory. Your customers can easily share their wishlists with friends and family. Your customers can easily add items to any wishlist, including selected variations.  They can view saved items on each list and move items to the cart with one click. With this plugin you can make it simple to share a list with friends. Plans are from $9.99 per month. There is a 15-day free trial.
    • Basic – $9.99 per month – up to 2000 new wishlists per month plus email reminders.
    • Premium – $17.99 per month – up to 4000 new wishlists per month plus 2000 email reminders.
    • Premium Plus – $29.99 per month – up to 22,000 new wishlists per month plus 6000 email reminders.

These are the current best Shopify plugins to add to your store to increase revenue.  Many are free and almost all of them include a free-trial period. The best Shopify plugins page for each plugin includes a review page which will give you more information about how well a plugin will integrate with your store.  But these best Shopify plugins will all help you spend more time on your business and less time working on a website design.

To get started using a Shopify chatbot or assistance with choosing the best Shopify plugins for your store, please contact us for more information.

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