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Want Answers?… Don’t Break These 5 Rules for Feedback

surveys and feedback tabsHas this happened to you?

You’ve got a fantastic survey to give out to your customers that’s going to change your business for the better. The questions are up and ready to go. The multiple-choice bubbles are just waiting to be filled in. There’s just one thing left to do…

Get people to actually answer it!

Here’s how to pull in survey respondents who are ready, willing and eager to answer your questionnaire with gusto.

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Feedback Tabs to Improve Your Conversion Rate Optimization


Ometrics feedback form tabEvery website owner wants to convert their online readers into customers and clients. Each website user who comes to a website has a problem and an opinion. Merge the two together with simple feedback survey that give insight to a target market and you have a winning combination.

Here’s how to improve conversion rate optimization with quality questions and tools that make it easy to implement.

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