Ometrics #CROHacks, Conversion Rate Optimization HacksCRO Hacks  #1 to #10 conversion rate optimization hacks that will improve your sites conversion rate and provide user insights about your site and busines. I have successfully used most of these CRO hacks for clients on landing pages, ecommerce or across a whole site.

This post is updated every time I have a new conversion lift or learn of a new test to try. You can follow the posts #CROhacks on twitter at @Ometrics, @gregahern or on the Conversion Rate Optimization Network via G-Plus  or Linkedin

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CROHack 1 – Always have your font size 14 pt. or greater for page copy. I have seen a 100% lift by changing font size from 8 pt. to 14 pt.

CROHack 2 – Popup survey “What brought you to our site?” list products or services check boxes. This helps determine what you should lead with in your site navigation and copy. Make sure the traffic is not from a particular Pay-Per-Click campaign it may skew your results.

CROHack 3 – With text inside graphics always make sure your text contrasts with the background. For example on an orange background do not use white but black or dark blue. I have had lifts of over 50% when adding good contrast. Make sure your colors do not vibrate though.

CROHack 4 – Always test your forms on the right and the left of a page. I have experienced lifts from 15% to 25% testing this. I have found that text on left, form on right as well as form on left, image on right works well. But it all depends on the text and image so always test both.

CROHack 5 – Make sure your page layout has visual flow that forces the viewer to end up on your CTA. This works great with lifts over 100%! Use graphics with arrows, people looking at the CTA, get creative!

CROHack 6 – Popup survey “What is holding you back from getting a trial?” with radio button answers such as, I am just surfing, I will in the future, not the right solution for my application, etc. This kind of information can tell you a lot about your visitor traffic quality and how you need to position content to them.

CROHack 7 – Exit survey “Wait, please tell us why you are leaving?” with text box or check box of answers like “I can’t find what I am looking for”, “not ready to buy yet”, “not what I need”…

CROHack 8 – Try a yellow background color. I can not explain this one beyond contrast but have experienced lifts of 53% and 126%.

CROHack 9 – Use action words above a form and tell them what to do. For example get, join, sign up, and register now.

CROHack 10 – Not sure what the problem is? Popup survey asking a question with a text box, collect data then do radio button with top three answers. This is a good way to find out what a problem is when you have no idea what it could be. Once you get answers for the problem you can narrow down to three answers and ask the question again to find out which is the biggest problem.

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