The 2021 Conversion Rate Optimization Guide

Chapter 2

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Where to Start with Conversion Rate Optimization

Landing pages are easier than a whole website to start testing, although the testing can be just as challenging. For example, a good landing page should only have one goal, whereas a website may have five or more. A landing page has no navigation where a website does.

For a website, unlike a landing page, there is a conversion funnel, which starts with getting users beyond the home page to the trial, demo or pricing pages, and ultimately to purchase.

The pages you may look at first are the home, category and product pages assuming you have a standard checkout system.

In any case, the user decision process is similar. Every user goes through this process when they land on a page or a site.

Website Buying Decision Making Process

Step 1 – Am I at the right place? – Does this page or site offer what I am looking for? Is it what the ad said it would be?

Step 2 – Will this solve my problem? – Is the product or service a perfect fit both in application and in price? Will the product pass the user’s mental checklist?

Step 3 – Do I trust the page or site? – What is the risk? Is it secure? Is there a guarantee?  How much information do I have to hand over to get what I want? Have other people had a good experience?

Step 4 – What do I have to do to get it? – Click one button or fill in a form? Do I have to create an account? Do I need my credit card to create an account?

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