The 2021 Conversion Rate Optimization Guide

Chapter 3

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Landing Page Optimization

Landing pages are often one page that may have a second page for additional form fields and a thank you/confirmation page. There are two types of landing pages, long format and short. Long pages are for more complicated decisions to reach the goal, whereas short are low risk where the user enters an email to get the information or trial. Having a video on a landing page is another way of providing a lot of information with a simple looking page.

Why do I need a landing page?

Visitors will make a decision to leave your site in 5 to 10 seconds. Landing pages focus a user with a specific profile. They remove the obstacles for that type of user and focus them to take only one action.  Landing pages are hyper-focused and have a much larger conversion rate than a website.

Tip: A great place to start defining your different landing pages is setting up your ad groups effectively.

Long format landing page vs. short format

In most cases, short landing pages are used for less risky and simple concepts and actions. Long format landing pages are used for higher risk and more complex actions.

For example:

A short form is good for downloading a white paper, and signing up for something free. The purpose is asking one simple question with a yes answer.

A long form is good for purchasing an item, signing up or registering for something the user has to commit time to.

For a short form landing page, the main elements to test are title, sub title, benefits and call to action. Of course, the call to action process is important as well, but that is the same for both long and short landing pages.

The purpose of the length in a long form landing page is to overcome objections and to start the users saying “Yes” in their mind. The format is somewhat like an infomercial. The user is prompted with questions that solve problems they have. Objections are raised and solved. The more they say “yes that will solve my problem,” the more likely they are to click the call to action.

Tip: For a long form landing page, show the CTA no more than once every screen frame.

Video landing pages

Videos are a great way to provide a lot of information on a personal level. Landing pages with videos often convert better than standard landing pages for a complex sale. Although it is easy to implement, using YouTube for your video can be an issue for two reasons:  First, they could run into your competitor’s ad, and second, the next video they show could pull the user away from the site. It is best to use your own video stream.Landing pages and email nurturing

One of the most common purposes of a landing page is to gather contact information for telesales and email nurturing campaigns. If the page is trying to sell something and no sale is made, the backup plan is to get an email address, even when you are just looking to get contact information.

Tip: Prompting the users with lead pop-ups and exit pop-ups on the site as well as the landing page can have a significant lift in conversions.

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