Micro Site Conversion Rate Optimization (Chapter 6)

The 2018 Conversion Rate Optimization Guide

Chapter 6

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Micro Site Conversion Rate Optimization

A micro site usually has a handful of pages around one product or service. They can be specific around a campaign targeting a specific market. Often micro sites have the main pitch or home page with a strong call to action and a form or process to purchase or register. There are additional pages that could have product specifications, case studies, features list, etc. Micro sites are often used when there is a complex concept or a technical offer that requires additional pages. Although tabs usually do not work well, they do for micro sites.

The approach to optimizing micro sites is the same as websites, it’s just simplified. One test that should always be done is the micro site vs. the simplified landing page. Often, we think more information is needed but it is not. Especially if all that is requested is to download a white paper.

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