The more website visitors you can get to visit your website, the chances of your sales increasing go up substantially. To have more site visitors, initially it is necessary to build a corporate site with a design, work on it, which in the future will be able to attract users and increase the conversion of the site Anyone can pay for ads on search engines to increase traffic, but for small businesses on a budget you should try to focus on natural search engine optimization (SEO).  Here are a few ways to boost SEO and get more website visitors naturally.

Add More Backlinks

Backlinks are website links on a third party’s website that send customers back to your site. Backlinks are really important and attribute almost 50% to your rankings. The links should look natural, so you should avoid buying them or getting them from spammy directory sites.  It is best to have backlinks in the form of blog articles, comments, or social media mentions.  The more websites that have links pointing back to your site, the higher your rankings will increase. If you want to get even more out of backlinks, aim for highly relevant sites. For example, if you want to do SEO for a law firm, try to get links from other law firm blogs, directories, and law news sites. This will show Google that your site is a high authority.

If you ever find that third party websites are linking to you, but they are coming from spam websites like directories or gambling sites then you can ask Google to remove them.  The process is known as disavowing backlinks, so that they won’t be counted against your website.

Increase Page Speed

If your competitors’ sites are loading faster than yours then you may fall behind in rankings.  Search engines like to see fast-loading websites. A few ways to increase speeds is by optimizing images, add caching, minify resources, eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content, and avoid too many redirects.  Many of these concepts can be difficult to navigate without computer science education, so spend the money to hire a programmer to increase your website speeds.

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Write Quality & Authentic Content

Customers want to read articles that are unique which will teach them something new.  In the same way Google wants to rank authentic content higher because they know that is what customers want to read.  Therefore, spend the time to write high quality and authentic articles with helpful information.

Mike Lies, a real estate agent in Evergreen Colorado has found that when you center your content around your business of expertise your rankings will go up because search engines will know exactly what your company specializes in.  However, it is important to keep the articles diverse to avoid duplicate content which can create confusion within search engines as they won’t know which page should be ranked higher.  If you have a real estate business like Mike Lies, you should focus on content centered around all aspects of real estate such as how to sell a home, types of houses, land for sale, popular neighborhoods, etc. This will allow customers to find you for a wide array of topics based on your core business. It will also make you look like an expert in your field.

Focus on Long Tail Keywords

Keywords are comprised of short & long-tail keywords.  An example of a short keyword is ‘Gold Necklace’ and an example of a long-tail keyword is ‘Gold Necklace with Infinity Symbol’ or ‘Handmade White Gold Necklaces’. While more people search for short keywords, they are also difficult to rank for because of the high competition. If you focus your writing on content with long-tail keywords you have a higher chance of ranking more quickly and will rank in a higher position on the search results.

Your articles should have a keyword density of 1% to 2.5% per page, which averages to 6 keywords per every 300 words.  If keywords are used too often it can actually hurt your rankings.  This practice is known as keyword stuffing and is discouraged by search engines.

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Add Meta Data & Title Tags

Like embellishments on clothing, the meta descriptions, headings, and labels on your pages help to make your site look better to search engines and will help them understand what your website is about.  It can be tedious, but it is worth taking the time to add these elements to all your pages and posts.  Your keywords should be included in these elements and write them to grab customers attention as they are usually what they see first on search results pages.

Search engine’s algorithms are constantly changing, which means your website SEO should continually be updated as well.  It is important to keep track of your website analytics, so you know what changes to make. and are two great resources that offer tools such as finding new keywords, discovering backlink opportunities, and ranking trackers. Google also offers a free website monitoring tool called, Google Search Console. Following just a few of these steps will help increase your rankings so that you can get more website visitors naturally!

Guest Post from Mike Lies, Real Estate Broker at Gold Compass Real Estate

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