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Businesses who use social media platforms to connect with their clients are getting ahead. It’s another opportunity to strengthen the relationship between your customers and your company.

With approximately one billion active monthly users, Facebook has become the giant arena for people to connect with their friends, family and favorite businesses. If you’re ready to put your company in front of tons of potential customers and get more likes on your business page, here’s how to do it in an efficient way. Check out the top 10 tools for Social Media Marketing.

1. Make your page enticing

Facebook is the place to show off who you are and what you do. It’s the perfect area online to exchange messages with loyal fans and potential customers. You want to make your Facebook page a place people want to visit.

Take a look at your profile and access what you see. Is your profile picture a picture of your logo? Switch it out for a face picture. Make your giant display photo a picture of your team. When you personalize your business, people will want to find out more about you.

Read over your about section carefully. Would a Facebook user who knew nothing about you understand what services and products you provide? Throw out the business jargon and simplify your language.

2. Be likeable

In order to be liked on Facebook, you need to be likable. Imagine that!

Think about what your customers are like and what they want to see. Don’t be afraid to inject some personality into your posts. Instead of announcing a stream of formal advertisements on your Facebook page, be conversational and friendly.

Keep your posts short and make a habit of posting each day. Facebook users are quickly scanning through updates, and you want to be seen. Studies show that posts with photos get more comments, click-throughs and more likes. People tend to skip giant blocks of text that take too long to read.

Last, but not least, always be nice. Customers flock to businesses with good attitudes and great customer service. Post great quotes that apply to their lives and uplift their spirits. Ask your Facebook users questions, begin a discussion and get involved in the comment section. When users see that you genuinely care about your fans, they’ll be more inclined to like your page.

3. Get fans involved

To get more Facebook likes, your customers and potential clients need to know you’re on Facebook. Add a Like button to your website that leads them straight to your page. Give them incentive to like your company’s page. Do you give out special offers or discount codes? Are you holding a contest just for Facebook fans?

These Facebook leads have the potential to become your devoted clients and customers. Even Facebook users who like your page but don’t become customers help you when they share, comment and like your content. Chances are, their friends will see their updates and check out the page they liked. It’s advertisement in itself.

Using Facebook for business opportunities and marketing campaigns will spread the word about your company and strengthen the relationship with your target customers. With these techniques, you’ll engage with more clients and grow your company, one person at a time. Using Facebook post templates is a perfect way to automate your Facebook experience.

For more information get our free Facebook Page guide.

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