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A Line-up of the Best Magento Extensions

Magento is a great eCommerce platform for businesses who have moved beyond the beginner phase.  There is a free open source version for do-it-yourself website builders. This is great for small- to medium-sized businesses.  The paid version is suitable for large businesses that need the advanced features of Magento and have the budget to pay for it.  Here are some basic apps, and extensions that are in the Magento marketplace that are designed to increase sales.  These are the best Magento extensions for reviews, dropshipping, SEO, marketing, and wish lists extensions.

Best Magento Extensions for Reviews

These extensions allow you to take advantage of customer reviews to generate more traffic to your site.  Your star rating for the product reviewed will show up on Google Search. Showing actual customer reviews either on your website or on Google Search will help build credibility for your online business.

Product Reviews & Ratings by Aitoc

Product Reviews & Ratings comes with free lifetime updates, a 45-day money-back guarantee, and $12 in store credits.

  • Send automated product review requests via email
  • Allow users to add images to their reviews
  • Add discount codes to review request emails
  • Notify customers about published reviews and comments
  • Display the rating chart on the product page
  • Equip URLs with the unique UTM values for Google Analytics

Price: $125.00

6 Month Service Agreement- $0.00

Installation service $79.00

There is also an Enterprise version available for which includes $32 in store credits, PRO installation, and priority support.

Advanced Product Reviews by Amasty by Amasty

Advanced Product Reviews comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee and free lifetime updates.  It can be bundled with Import & Export for $268.00.

  • Import & export reviews via add-on
  • Display customers’ reviews at any place on any page
  • Let users conveniently filter reviews
  • Motivate shoppers to leave reviews by sending reminders
  • Stimulate recurring purchases with discount coupons

Price: $199.00

Enterprise $300.00


12 months ($8/mo.) $99.00

6 months $79.00

3 months Free

Priority Support Service and Personal Support Manager $99

Installation Service $59

Review Reminder by BSS Commerce

Review Reminder comes with one year of free support, free lifetime updates, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • Send automated reminder emails to encourage product reviews
  • Specify time to send the first reminder email
  • Send reminder emails for specific customer groups and order status
  • Automatically clean log records after X days
  • Enter email to send a test reminder emails
  • Apply coupon and choose its template to send to customers as the reward for their first reviews

Price: $79.00

Enterprise $150.00

Best Magento Extensions for Dropshipping

The following dropship extensions allow you to build an online store without needing an offline warehouse.  You can feature products for sale, your customers can order them, and the distributor will ship them for you.  It couldn’t be simpler!

Drop Shipping by Boostmyshop

Drop Shipping is part of BSSCommerce’s EmbeddedERP Extension Suite

  • Supplier stock and price import
  •  Automatic select cheapest supplier
  •  DropShip workflow to follow the progress
  •  Supplier email inc. customer packing slip
  •  Magento 2.2.x & 2.3 compatibility

Price $349.00


Enterprise $349.00

3 months (included)

6 months $59.00

Installation $99.00

Online training $119.00

Aliexpress Dropshipping by CedCommerce

Aliexpress Dropshipping comes with free installation.


  • Imports item information such as description, images.
  • Enables fetching of product variation data such as color, size, fabric, and so on.
  • Enable cron for product import as well as import product by mass action in bulk.
  • Synchronization of product price and Inventory by cron.

Price: $299.00

Best Magento Extensions for SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the strategic placement of keywords throughout your website so that search engines such as Google Search will find them and show them near the top of the search engine results page.  These extensions help you with this task.

Advanced SEO Suite by Mirasvit

Advanced SEO Suite comes with 90 days free support, free lifetime upgrades, and a 30 days money back guarantee.


  • Optimization for key phrases
  • URL optimization
  • Canonical links
  • Frontend Sitemap optimization
  • Google Sitemap optimization

Price: Community $149.00

Enterprise +$99

Installation + $49

SEO Suite Ultimate by MageWorx

SEO Suite Ultimate will do your SEO for you.  The Enterprise Edition comes with free priority support, personal assistance, and product consultancy.

  • Quickly optimize any site URLs and meta data – Use advanced templates to mass-optimize any meta values, descriptions, URL keys, SEO names, etc. for ANY product/category/CMS/category filter pages.
  • Improve store crawling and indexation – Help the search engine spiders better explore your store and index its important pages. Easily add XML and HTML sitemaps.
  • Build a well-organized website architecture – Automatically cross-link all relevant site pages, as well as link to external authoritative sources.
  • Stand out in a crowd of competitors – Improve your store click-through rates and boost its visibility with advanced Rich Snippets.
  • Get a complete arsenal of SEO tools – Cover all the important SEO activities: eliminate duplicate content, set redirects, add breadcrumbs, optimize pages of any type, and dozens more!
  • Use reports to track and solve critical SEO issues – Overview and deal with the most frequent SEO issues for product, category and CMS pages.

Price Community Edition $299.00

Enterprise Edition +$299

Professional installation +$69

Priority Support +$99

Advanced SEO Configuration +$299


shopify plugins

Generative and Scripted AI to engage shoppers in conversational eCommerce.

Create happy customers while growing your business!

  • 1 out of 4 shoppers make a purchase on average*

  • 5% to 35% Increase in AOV*

  • 25% to 45% Reduction in Support Tickets


*When shoppers engage with Ochatbot®

Best Magento Extensions for Marketing

The Magento extensions will help you increase sales.  Every business needs marketing in order for potential customers to find out about them.  These Magento Extensions will help generate buzz about your business and drive traffic to your site.

Yotpo Reviews by Yotpo (also one of the Best Magento Extensions for Reviews)

Yotpo Reviews collects user reviews for you to use them to drive more traffic to your site and add trust to your online business.


  • Multiple Campaign Choices
  • Custom-Designed Experience
  • Tier-Based Programs
  • Measurable ROI
  • Customer Management
  • Flexible Reward Structure
  • Incentives for Repeat Referrals
  • Program Analytics
  • Multi-Channel Support
  • Multiple Sharing Options

Price: $0.00

Google Tag Manager by Pronko Consulting

Google Tag Manager makes it easy to add, edit and manage Javascript, HTML tags and other related code snippets on your Magento 2 website.


  • Data Layer support
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Supports remarketing
  • Supports multi-stores and multi-languages
  • Easy to customize

Price: Magento 2 Open Source $199

Magento 2 Commerce +$200

Magento 2 Cloud +$200

[Add-on] Enhanced Ecommerce +$299

Installation +$99.00

Configuration +$99

AdRoll by AdRoll

AdRoll is a growth marketing platform that helps you build a brand customers love.


  • Make the most of moments that matter – Automatically show shoppers the most relevant products to them, with dynamic ads, email, and personalized product recommendations in your online store.
  • Increase customer lifetime value – Let our AI power your entire customer journey, from awareness through purchase, to increase sales, average order value, and loyalty, and get a centralized picture of cost, ROI, and impact.
  • Connect & create a seamless customer experience – AdRoll integrates easily with everything else in your world—including leading e-commerce platforms, email and marketing automation, popular reporting tools and more.
  • Be seen in more places – Build a brand customers love, turn more visitors into customers, and grow customer loyalty with AdRoll’s growth marketing platform. Join over 37,000 bustling brands growing with AdRoll.

Price: $0.00

Best Magento Extensions for Out of Stock Notifications

These extensions allow your shoppers to get notified when a product they are interested in that is out of stock gets back in stock. They notify shoppers in a number of different ways such as email or SMS. It is a great tactic to re-engage shoppers and let them know when their favorite items are back in stock ready for purchase.

Out of Stock Notification by Amasty

Out of Stock Notification provides price and stock alerts for different product types.  The Enterprise Edition has free priority support service, a personal support manager, and installation service.

  • Enable stock and price subscriptions
  • Check users behaviour with Analytics dashboard
  • Send notifications to customers and guest visitors
  • Automatically notify admin about low stock and new subscriptions
  • Users can easily manage subscriptions in their account

Price: Community $199.00


12 months ($8/mo.) +$99

6 months +$79

3 months Free

Priority Support Service and Personal Support Manager +$99

Installation Service +$59

Enterprise +$300

12 months ($17/mo.) +$199

6 months +$170

3 months Free

Zoho CRM Integration by Magenest

Zoho CRM Integration automatically syncs data from Magento to Zoho.

  • Sync products, orders, invoices from Magento 2 to Zoho CRM
  • Sync customers from Magento into Zoho Leads, Contacts, and Accounts
  • Update marketing campaigns from Magento to Zoho CRM
  • Easy Field-mappings between Magento 2 and Zoho CRM
  • Support 90+ data fields
  • Support multiple languages
  • Provide manual or automatic synchronizing options
  • Manage synchronization process through history page

Price: Open-Source (Community) $299.00

Commerce (Enterprise/Cloud) +$600.00


6 months

9 months +$50.00

12 months +$120.00

Installation +$50.00

Advanced Newsletter Popup by Solwin Infotech LLP

Advanced Newsletter Popup has a free lifetime upgrade, 3 months free support, meets Magento standards, and a personalize demo.


  • This extension comes with 9 default layouts with different color, background, images, size, and content.
  • Provides a fully customizable interface of the extension, a beginner can easily setup.
  • Is fully responsive with any devices whether you are using desktop, tablet, or smartphones.
  • Get more orders and more newsletter subscribers with you eCommerce store.
  • You can either set the popup window to show once per page load by toggling this  to true or show the popup every time the condition is met by toggling this to false and also set cookie expiration time from the admin panel.
  • Show social links on Newsletter Popup to engage your customers with offers. In this, you can enable/disable the social icon, and set the URL, backround color, hover color, etc from admin settings.
  • Users can also configure newsletter popup width, height, open-close effect, speed, the delay time for popup appear, etc.

Price: Community $49


            12 Months +$29

            6 Months +$19

            3 Months Free

            Enterprise $199


            12 Months +$99

            6 Months +$69

            3 Months Free

            Include Installation (+$29)

Best Magento Extensions for Wish Lists

Customers often like to make wishlists on eCommerce sites.  They then surreptitiously let everyone have the link to their wishlist in order to ease the whole gift-giving decision.  They may also be making their own wishlist to buy things when the things go on sale, when the customer next gets paid, etc.

Multiple Wishlists by BSS Commerce

Multiple Wishlists has free 1-year support, a lifetime update, installation, and a 30-day money back guarantee.

  • Create unlimited wishlists for easier control and tracking
  • Add product to wishlist via convenient popup
  • Flexibly manage wish lists with more functions (Search, Create New Wishlist, Copy, Move, Delete)
  • Included in B2B Package
  • Compatible with Magento 2 Import Export Wishlist Item

Price: $89.00

Multiple Wishlists for Magento 2 by Itoris

Multiple Wishlists also allows your customers to create multiple wishlists on your site.


  • Unlimited number of wishlists
  • Choose a wishlist via a convenient popup
  • Wishlists can be renamed or removed
  • Wishlists management from backend
  • The list of most popular products in wishlists for admin NEW
  • Apply mass-actions to multiple items in bulk in backend and frontend
  • Move or copy items between wishlists in backend and frontend
  • Add products to customers’ wishlists from backend
  • Product’s custom options are stored and displayed in the wishlist
  • Add one or all products from wishlist to cart
  • Products can be moved from cart to wishlist
  • The total price is calculated for each wishlist
  • Ability to keep products in wishlist after adding to cart
  • Ability to stay on current page after adding to wishlist
  • Ability to share wishlist with friends by email

Price: Magento 2.x Community

1 $169.00

2 $304.20 (10% off)

3 $430.95 (15% off)

4 $540.80 (20% off)

5 $676.00 (20% off)

6 $811.20 (20% off)

7 $887.25 (25% off)

8 $1014.00 (25% off)

9 $1140.75 (25% off)

10 $1183.00 (30% off)

Need Installation?

1 $49.00

2 $88.20 (10% off)

3 $124.95 (15% off)

4 $156.80 (20% off)

5 $196.00 (20% off)

6 $235.20 (20% off)

7 $257.25 (25% off)

8 $294.00 (25% off)

9 $330.75 (25% off)

10 $343.00 (30% off)

Multiple Wish Lists by WebKul SoftWare Private Limited

Multiple Wish Lists is another extension that allows customers to create more than one wishlist.

  • Save the products of interest.
  • Allow buying the products later instead of abandoning them.
  • Create multiple wishlists.
  • Convenient popup to choose a wish list while adding the product to wishlist.
  • Add multiple products to a wishlist.
  • Can move all the products of one wishlist to another.
  • Add one or all products from wishlist to cart.
  • Products can be moved from cart to wishlist.
  • Delete the complete wishlist.
  • Remove the number of items from the wishlist as per the choice.
  • Ability to share wishlist with friends by email.
  • Allows viral marketing for the e-commerce store products by sharing wishlist with the other person.
  • The admin will get the notifications when any customer adds the products to their wishlists.
  • Support all types of products.
  • The logged in and guest users both can create multiple wishlists.

Price: Community Edition $69.00

Enterprise Edition +$69.00

Enterprise Cloud Edition +$69.00

Installation +$13.80

Support period

3 months (no extra cost)

6 months +$27.60

1 Year +$34.50

Conclusion of the Best Magento Extensions

These are the current best Magento extensions to add to your online store to increase revenue.  These Magento extensions will all help you spend more time on your business and less time working on a website design.

To get started choosing the best Magento plugins for your store, please contact us for more information.

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