Grow Sales

Grow Sales Throughout Your Conversion Funnel

Now that you know what your prospects wants and why and you are able to ask them right when they are ready to say yes you can use these tools to present your offer without interfering with the users experience on the site.

Ochatbot – Convert visitors into customers with a conversation

For Ecommerce Ochatbot increase revenue on eCommerce sites 15% to 35% when the customer engages with the chatbot. Ochatbot also overcomes sales obstacles by answering customer questions before they buy to help increase their confidence in their purchase. Ochatbot connects to your product database allowing customers to search for products then add them to their cart right from the chatbot window. Customers quickly find exactly what they are looking for while also receiving product recommendations. Ochatbots abandoned cart can pick up additional lost revenue and order status features reduce your support costs.  Learn More>>

For Lead Generation Ochatbot’s LeadBot is used for lead generation the custom and prebuilt LeadBots see a lift of 5% to 15% in leads or more and increase the quality of the leads. Lead contact information and appointment setting can be sent directly to your CRM  Learn More>>

Exit Intent and User Triggered Pop Ups – Capture users before they leave – Exit Popups (overlays) detect when a user is about to leave your site and prompts them with an offer. This technique can increase conversion rates of 20% or more for email registrations, coupons, white paper download or just redirecting users to another section of your site. The pop ups can also be triggered by other user actions like clicking a text link or image. Learn more about Popups. Learn More>>

Mobile Pop-ups – Interact with mobile users – If you are driving traffic from Facebook it is often 90% mobile. The mobile pop-ups have separate triggers and design functions to fit mobile devices. You can even have different messages and forms for mobile devices than your desktop pop-up. The mobile pop-ups meet the latest Google standards by having the option to present a banner first for the user to click to then see the full banner. This allows users to be in control of what they see. Learn More>>

Lead Sliders – Gather leads without being a nuisance – An unobtrusive way to capture leads from your site. Sliders do not cover the page so the user can continue reading. Unlike pop-ups the can be reopened to be filled out later. Lead Sliders can be triggered by many events and the leads sent to multiple addresses to the lead is responded to quickly. Learn More>>

Offer Sliders & Tabs – Increase sales with offers  – Offer Sliders and Tabs can have a conversion rate of 20% or more. Offer Sliders are an easy way to allow visitors to still read your content. Unlike pop-ups the can be reopened to be filled out later. With the freedom of creating any type of content you can create creative offers. Learn More>>