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Ometrics is your go-to provider for eCommerce and lead generation conversion rate optimization tools–from easy-to-build and fully managed AI chatbots, eCommerce chatbots, and customer service chatbots. Our focus is on conversion optimization from leads to sales. We’re here to help you engage shoppers, gain insights, and grow sales exponentially!

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Easy-to-Build AI chatbots

Transform the way you communicate with your customers with Ochatbot – a code-free AI eCommerce and customer service chatbot solution for B2B/B2C businesses. With life-like conversational features, Ochatbot offers lead generation, customer support, and an enhanced shopping experience, resulting in increased eCommerce revenue and average order value. Features like product finders, recommendations, and abandoned cart recovery are included, along with built-in analytics and reports for better business insights. Our plans come with top-notch support to meet your needs. Take your customer service to the next level with Ochatbot – Try it for free today! TRY Ochatbot – FREE!

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Ochatbot is an eCommerce Chatbot, Business LeadBot, and Customer Service Chatbot

Optimized for Your eCommerce Business.
Ochatbot facilitates the entire shopping experience by enabling your shoppers to find what they want easily and quickly – all through the chatbot window.

Life-Like Interactions with Your Shoppers.
Ochatbot built-in  AI provides shoppers with  life-like interactions through  textual conversations –  making shopping fun, easy and effective.

Insightful AI Reports & Analytics.
Gain valuable insight to your ecommerce business and the customer’s shopping journey so you can optimize and grow your business now! Including AI Happiness Sentiment and Customer Reaction data.

Customer Service Chatbot.
Ochatbot improves customer satisfaction with 24/7 support. Reduce support tickets by up to 45% and never leave your customers waiting for an answer.

CRO Tools at Your Fingertips

In addition to Ochatbot,  a  host of additional conversion rate optimization tools are available for your convenience – free of charge.   Pop Ups, lead sliders, surveys, live-chat chatbots, feedback tabs, need help tabs, and offer sliders and tabs are all accessible from the dashboard so you can go to ONE place for ALL of your conversion rate optimization needs.  No more having to piece the CRO “puzzle” together from multiple providers when you have  all the CRO tools you need at your fingertips.  LEARN MORE ->

Expert Optimization Consulting Services

Ometrics tools are designed to be easy-to-use so you can do everything yourself.  From building AI chatbots on demand, to leveraging our complimentary CRO tools for banners, tags, sliders and much more, you can optimize your business instantly – on your own.  However, when that unique or complex situation arises, we’re ready for it!  Ometrics has been on the forefront of conversion rate optimization and AI technology, helping customers transform their businesses for years.  Our leading experts can advise and/or work with you to identify and deliver a solution to meet your unique situation and requirements. Our portfolio of consulting services include: AI chatbot consulting, conversion rate optimization consulting and A/B testing. We’re here for you! CONTACT US ->

Engage Users

Engage with shoppers at the right time in their journey, helping them find what they need quickly.

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Gain Insights

to your ecommerce business and customers, so you can take control of your business success now.

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Grow Sales

through the use of our tools, while eliminating sales obstacles and reducing your support burden.

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A true AI chatbot platform for eCommerce sales, support and business insights.

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“The personal touch is indispensable in selling. Live chat wasn’t possible for me as a startup (I had a few other things to do!). Ochatbot is an amazing, unique way to have a conversation with web visitors that’s automated and affordable. Our ecommerce conversion among consumers who use Ochatbox is 4x that of those who don’t.” – Farm and Oven Snacks


“Ometrics Ochatbot has been easy to setup with the Pro plan and our sales through our Shopify chatbot, Ochatbot have increased 46% and our revenues have doubled. We have also seen a reduction in support and sales questions. We highly recommend working with them as they are very responsive and supportive.” – Invigor8


“Ometrics Ochatbot is a key asset to our Shopify store. Our sales per user through Shopify chatbot, Ochatbot have increased from 13.40% to 45.36%. Ochatbot’s AI becomes smarter each month answering customer questions and providing advice on the best product for our customers needs. We love working with them. Highly recommend Ochatbot!” – Zebra CBD


“The Ometrics team has been fantastic to work with. We began to see better sales after working with them, and they were always available to answer questions and assist with any issues.” – Polar Bottle


I’ve been working with the Ometrics team and have had a very positive experience. They’ve done a great job! – Java Bean Plus


Wonderful company with great insights.  They know their stuff! – Encore Data Products


Great company. Ometrics was able to help collect and analyze lots of useful and conversion driven data on our web visitors. – GoBreck


Ometrics is my goto source for ecommerc chatbots, lead bots and conversion rate optimization tools and expertise. Greg Ahern of Ometrics has built the tools and processes to understand and engage site visitors. Highly recommended! – Hyperdog Media