Lead Sliders

Start Converting Visitors Into Leads

Capture leads on your site without frustrating your visitors with annoying popups. The Lead Sliders slide from the bottom or side of your page but still allows visitors to continue reading the content on your page. 

Unlike full screen exit popups Lead Sliders stay on the site when minimized so visitors can fill them out later. Lead Sliders often increase conversions on your site from 10% to over 100%. Lead Sliders have three preset forms if you are looking to create your own slider with text and images then try Offer Sliders

Lead Slider Features:

  • Trigger Lead Sliders by time, number of page visits, page position, page targeting and more
  • Real-time alerts to multiple email addresses
  • Export data on users device and page
  • Get leads from desktop, tablet and mobile devices
  • Customize text & colors to fit your site brand

Lead Slider – Name, eMail, Phone

The Lead Slider tool works best for gathering contact information for leads to call and email nurturing campaigns. Try it for an offer such as:


  • Get A Quote
  • Get A 10% Discount
  • Register Today
  • Get My Free eBook

Lead Comments Slider – Name, eMail, Phone, Comment

The Lead Comments Slider allows the user to ask a question or add additional information to their request. Try it for an offer such as:


  • What Application Do You Need Help With?
  • Which Product Would You Like Assistance With?
  • Let Us Know What You Think And Win An iPad!

    Lead Address Slider – Name, eMail, Phone, Address

    The Lead Address Slider tool is best for real estate leads or home services because it includes an address field. Typical offer text would be:


    • Get Your Free Appraisal
    • Get Your Home Inspected
    • Learn More About Radon In Your Home
    • Sell Your House Fast
    • Get A Free Estimate