Gain Insights

Harness the Power of Ochatbot AI Reporting and Analytics

Ochatbot AI Reporting and Analytics provide valuable insights to your ecommerce business and customers.

Understand the customer experience and what is preventing shoppers from purchasing, assess ecommerce tactics and evaluate sales performance so you can TAKE ACTION NOW to optimize business and increase revenue.

Market data shows that consumers  feel less inhibited conversing
with an AI chatbot than with a human.

Over 60% of shoppers are more comfortable conversing with an AI chatbot than a live chat  and are more direct with questions and answers.  This enables Ochatbot Reporting and Analytics AI to collect LOTS of valuable data so you can:

  • Get a clearer understanding of the customer’s journey – what was good and what was bad.
  • Learn what the obstacles are that are blocking shoppers from purchasing –  such as what questions they may have had before making a buy decision.
  • Learn exactly where customers had questions – which pages on the site and what they were asking.
  • Find out what information is missing on a page to make it convert better.
  • Quickly learn about website bugs and errors such as bad links, coupon issues, product selection confusion, and more!
  • Learn what topics, offers, services and products are creating the most interest.

Leverage Ochatbot Reporting and Analytics
Quick KPI’s and In-Depth Reporting When You Need It

Multiple Pre-Packaged Weekly Reports

To save you time, we provide a  suite of pre-built reports that are automatically emailed to you each week.   The reports you receive  include metrics and information related to KPIs , revenue reports, form responses, conversations and interactions, page engagement, fallbacks and customer responses that help you gain insights to your ecommerce business and customer’s journey. 

Report Generation

Reports can be viewed any time in the dashboard and are automatically emailed once a week with a special link that self-destructs in 30 days so you can feel comfortable sharing it with others knowing there is built-in protection in case it gets in the wrong hands.  The reports are flexible so you can generate reports with any start and end date you want.  For example you may want to view KPI trending graphs over a month vs. a week, or over a particular sale date you had.

A Variety of Viewing Options & Levels of Detail

Depending on the report and the type of information provided, data can be viewed in a variety of ways. Quantitative information might be viewed via tallied results, graphs, and pie charts.  More specific details  based on the type of report, may be displayed by  KPI, web page, date or perhaps chatbot questions.   And for deeper insight, you can click on an item to drill down into the chatbot’s actual conversation with the shopper.

A Comprehensive Suite of Reports with all the Analytical Details You Need

Ochatbot Snapshot Report. Gain insights for your ecommerce business driven through Ochatbot.  The snapshot view includes information such as the number of visitors,  chat users, interactions, revenue, conversion rate, average order value, recovered carts, fallbacks  and much more.   There are several other ways to view KPI data in a more quantitative format.  In addition to the snapshot view, the KPI metrics can also be displayed in graphs for trend analysis, while the top pages viewed and top buttons clicked can be displayed in color pie charts.

Form Responses Report.  Find out which questions were asked and what customers were looking for. The Form Responses Report can collect information from shoppers to determine the type of request and number of times that request was received.   Examples of requests may include speaking to a representative, order status, catalog requests, and more.  All of this information is time and page stamped so you know  what shoppers were looking for when and where on the site..


Fallback Report. Learn where the fallbacks occurred for continued AI training. The Fallback Report provides insight to where the chatbot could not answer the customer’s question.  Sort by the conversation topic and then click to drill down to the chatbot interactions with the shopper so you can understand what exactly it was that caused the fallback.  From there, the chatbot can be trained to understand the question or topic.


Conversations by Customer  Report. Gain deep insight to customer conversations to better understand the customer’s journey in making a purchase. The number of interactions with each shopper, when the conversation started, the number of fallbacks and the forms completed are all captured in this report for your convenience.  For each shopper, you can click on the conversation icon and see the conversation that occurred between Ochatbot and the shopper so you can have all the information you need regarding the customer experience. 


Page Engagement Report. Understand which pages customers have questions on and what those questions are. For every page URL, this report displays the number of interactions that took place along with the details of the customer questions.  With this knowledge, you can understand where there were buying obstacles and add missing answers to Ochatbot to prevent future buying obstacles.

Customer Response Report.  Understand how shoppers are responding to certain questions posed by Ochatbot.  This report displays the Ochatbot question, the shoppers response, how many times that response was given or chosen, and when.  This information can give you insight to whether or not the questions being asked are the right questions or are being asked in a way that makes sense to the shopper.