Engage Users

Engage Users at the Right Time

As with any sale, engaging the prospect at the right time with the right offer is critical to closing the sale. It is the same when triggering a call-to-action such as a survey, pop-up or offer a coupon on a web site or landing page. All the Ometrics tools have triggers that allow you to present the right call to action at the right time.
  • Exiting a page – capturing user before they leave the site but after they have read the content
  • Page targeting – providing the appropriate pop-up with the page content
  • Link triggers – for a higher conversion rates allowing the user to click a text link or image to activate the pop-up
  • Number of pages viewed
  • Time on a page – best used just before the page exit or bounce time
  • Scrolling down the page
  • Number of visits to the site – a great way to display a different offer to those that are really interested
  • Control how many times a pop-up is shown before an action
  • Set the amount of time pop-up will be seen again after an action
  • And more!
After a user submits they can see another screen or be sent to a page on the site. Ometrics pop-ups are overlays and are not blocked by blockers and are Google safe.Use triggers to ask the right questions or trigger to present the right Call-to-Action.