Online Surveys

How Do You Know What Your Visitors Are Thinking?

Website feedback tabs are an unobtrusive way to gain customer feedback and help visitors on your website. The online feedback widget tab solicits quick, unobtrusive consumer feedback from your visitors. Information can range from “product questions” or “I need help” to “your site is broken.” Unlike the Need Help tab, the online feedback software also has an emoticon ranking of one through five for quick overall online feedback.


Website Feedback Benefits:

  • Discover user confusion
  • Alerts of site errors
  • Gain customer insights

Website Feedback & Need Help Features:

  • Create your text question.
  • Select colors to work with your site
  • Create your feedback tab label text
  • Trigger the tab to show by event
  • Reporting of user browser, device
  • Reporting of page user was on when form is filled out
  • Exporting of data to Excel
  • Email notification when feedback is submitted to multiple addresses