Create A Chatbot And Engage With Your Visitors

ochatbot chatbotochatbot chatbot

Chatbots improve the conversion rate of leads, sales, and overall user experience.

  • Provide answers quickly - reduce customer service calls and ticket load

  • Reduce shoppers time to find what they want on a busy ecommerce site

  • Easily ask for information to generate well-qualified leads

  • Provide deep knowledge to users so they learn more about your products and services in a conversational way

  • Create an interactive experience instead of a passive search of web pages

Ochatbot Features

Only your imagination can hold you back with these easy to use chatbot features.

Predefined standard intents with built-in artificial intelligence.

Global intents allow conversations to jump to new subjects with natural language processing.

website lead generation popup

Real-time testing of intents reduce creation time.

Add new questions quickly by copying other intents.

Sitewide variables reduce maintenance changes.

website lead generation popup

website lead generation popup

Ochatbot engages users on sliders, popups, embedded on a website as well as social networks like Facebook Messenger.

Easily brand your chatbot look and feel.

It is free to build, test and launch your chatbot!


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