Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much do Ometrics services cost?

A: Ometrics has three pricing plans depending on the amount of traffic the tools are getting or the number of domains the tools are on. Pricing starts at $29 a month.


Q: What happens after my 15 day trial?

A: Your account will be automatically paused however you may contact us for an extension if needed.


Q: How many surveys and or feedback submission do I get per month?

A: You get unlimited submissions.


Q: Is it hard to set up, is there programming?

A: Nope, there is one script to be added to the pages. This one script will work for all tools. Once installed no programming is needed to create and manage the tools.


Q: Do the tools work with WordPress?

A: Yes just add the script to your header area. This can be done with a WordPress plugin without any program.